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Addressable TV: The new way of TV advertising

Alongside advertising in newspapers and on the radio, television advertising is one of the traditional methods of advertising. As viewers, we expect to see big brand commercials on TV and often get inspired to buy them as well. Above all, there is a high level of acceptance of advertising among private television stations, and viewers are hardly disturbed by the regular commercial breaks. Despite the large number of recipients of TV spots and advertisements, advertisers only have a small influence on the target group of the spots that are illuminated. Addressable TV overcomes this hurdle and combines the best of television and online marketing into one high-impact form of advertising.

TV advertising and targeting

In classic TV spots, advertisers can only select the slot and use it to address a certain age group or interest group based on the TV program and broadcaster. In comparison to digital advertising online or on social media, however, the restriction to a target group relevant to the brand is only possible to a limited extent in classic television advertising. Addressable TV starts here and combines the advantages of digital marketing and targeting with the broad impact of linear television. Advertisers can select a specific target group depending on location, age, gender, demographic data or usage behavior and thus only display the advertising to a relevant target group. This reduces wastage and TV marketing can become even more promising.

Advantages of Addressable TV

Based on collected usage data, television users can be classified into different categories. This data is analyzed, linked together and, based on insights and calculations, can create a relatively accurate picture of the users. By selecting a specific area, Addressable TV is also ideal for local marketing. In addition, the better targeting and the lower wastage mean that the advertising budget is used better and more specifically and more efficient marketing can be achieved. Despite the price, which is higher for the first time, the ROI for addressable TV ads is usually significantly higher than in classic television advertising. Due to the high acceptance of advertising on television, users are much more willing to look at the spots and ads than online, where ad blockers are now the norm.

Use of Addressable TV

Compared to classic commercials, addressable TV marketing can work using spots (depending on the target group) and so-called switch-ins. A switch-in is an ad that wraps around the current television program. This can be a banner or a complete frame, which generates significantly more attention than a pure commercial. In addition, more can be found out about the actual recipients by booking addressable TV ads. Similar to online marketing, you receive evaluations, for example of the view-through rate, which provide you with insights into the performance of your ad.

Daniela von Local Brand X
Daniela Geppert
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