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Comparing the ordering of marketing materials with the online shopping of clothing and shoes, the demands on the platform quickly become clear. Users need a marketplace where everything is offered. It is not without reason that websites like Amazon and Zalando work so well today. There, users get everything they need on a single platform and can be sure that delivery will not take long. This is also how an ideal marketing shop works - all conceivable marketing materials are combined on one sales interface. Whether classic print products, the next cinema spot, Facebook posts or the equipment for the next trade fair, every sales or sales partner* can put together the most meaningful combination of marketing materials in the shop and order them directly.

Long processes in decentralized marketing

This leads to a large number of votes and a great deal of work in order to satisfy every stakeholder and to design, produce and publish the required materials. Each order must be received by the central marketing department, the materials must be adapted and, if necessary, media data must be requested. This is followed by a vote on the corporate design (CD) and a feedback loop from the partner*. Only then can the contract be awarded and go into production. Thereafter, it must additionally be guaranteed that it will be published and placed in the appropriate places.
Of course, this process is not only time-consuming and costly, but also prone to failure due to the lack of integration of proprietary systems such as media databases and CRM systems. In addition, the manual processing of these requests does not allow subsequent evaluations and evaluations to be carried out without using further resources.

Marketing from A to Z

Ideally, the shop combines all important processes in the creation and execution of a marketing campaign. Thus, the planning of the various measures, the creation and processing of customizable materials as well as the direct order are integrated. After the order immediately follows the transfer to an external service provider who takes care of the production, booking or delivery. Last but not least, billing via the marketing shop is handled directly.

Shop design

To fulfill all these functions, the marketing shop has a similar structure to other sales platforms or e-commerce systems. The shop offers the possibility to inform about the products and materials and to read detailed product descriptions. In addition to the mere offer of standard articles, marketing shops also offer the possibility of offering customizable products. Through mostly integrated (media) databases, users can easily and quickly customize their marketing materials for their own customers and individualize them with their own data.

Advantages of marketing shops

Generally, marketing shops provide benefits to the head office that provides marketing materials, but also to the sales partner*. You can both use the shop together as a central module for the complete logistics of marketing materials, as the shop can be activated not only internally but also for partners. In addition, an enormous time saving is achieved on both sides, thanks to the direct connection of service providers, which leads to significantly more efficient work. The center also gets an insight into which materials were ordered the most and what the total volumes were. This helps especially in the planning for the next marketing campaigns. The partners can order easier and more centralized through the marketing shop. The intuitive handling familiar from other online shops makes work easier. In addition, applications from other partners and recommendations from similar articles can also inspire further marketing efforts.

  • A central shop for all marketing areas
  • Connection of agencies, printing companies, booth builders, etc.
  • Intuitive handling
  • Overview of order quantities for headquarters

Yannik von Local Brand X
Yannik Bockius

Managing Director

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