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Corporate design-compliant marketing with the Brand Guide from Local Brand X

Flyers, websites, brochures or video productions - many different forms of advertising and media are combined in modern and cross-media marketing. If different partners, locations or branches come into play, it is particularly important to ensure that the brand appears uniformly in order to increase the recognition value. Only if customers and recipients can directly and clearly assign the content and advertising measures to a brand will the image be strengthened holistically and in the long term. Implementing a stringent corporate identity is often a challenge, especially for decentralized companies. Guidelines and clear guidelines help to disseminate and enforce the corporate design among the individual partners. With the Brand Guide you can integrate these guidelines directly into the Local Marketing Platform and provide your partners with all the necessary information within the system.

Corporate design and the corporate identity

A strong and uniform corporate identity, i.e. the consistent presentation of the company to the public and its own employees, is based on a clear corporate design and is an important part of the marketing of every company. All communication and marketing materials are designed as uniformly as possible with a consistent corporate design in order to guarantee recognition value. This effect is indispensable if you want to be remembered by the customer and also leads to a uniform and professional impression.

For the strict implementation of the corporate design, the employees and partners need guidelines that clarify all questions relating to the branding and the use of logos and content. Typographic guidelines such as fonts and colors, but also the use of logos and graphics as well as a uniform visual language are important.

Campaign pages for the partners

So that your partners can implement the planned marketing campaigns in the best possible way, the campaign pages in the Local Marketing Platform offer the ideal interface to inform the partners. Your partners will be guided through the order processes on the sub-pages for the individual campaigns and can see all the necessary and useful information. Here content can be published, articles and article packages can be stored and additional explanations and marketing tips can be published. With the right design of the campaign pages, you guide your partners step by step through the planned marketing campaign and make a significant contribution to its success. Since the partners not only find information, but also the required articles, nothing stands in the way of implementation.

Brand Center in the Local Marketing Platform

In Local Brand X's Local Marketing Platform, you can create a guideline for all your users (partners, employees, service providers, etc.) in the Brand Center, on which all relevant information can be found. The Brand Center is a content management module with which you can design your pages completely freely and individually. This ensures that your users find exactly the information that is relevant to them. All important information such as B. Your colors, fonts and assets such as logos and image images can be stored. By connecting to the integrated or connected Digital Asset Management (DAM), you can also give your users access to all other marketing-relevant files so that they can be downloaded or forwarded directly. In addition, you can provide additional content and information and add examples of "dos and don'ts" for using the elements. By integrating your brand center into the Local Marketing Platform, your users can access all marketing-relevant information in one platform and do not have to resort to a locally stored and potentially outdated manual.

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