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Show presence in everyday life with the out-of-home module

The high usage of digital media, the smartphone and the internet means that we are confronted with advertising and brand messages in nearly all situations. Especially in the online world, Adblocker and the advancing banner blindness mean that less and less advertising is effectively perceived. In order to still get enough attention from the customers, an attempt can be made to become more present in the physical everyday life of the customers. With the Out-of-Home module of the Local Brand X Marketing Portal, you can discover a variety of outdoor advertising and create and book directly in the portal.

What is outdoor advertising?

Out-of-home marketing is the name given to advertising that takes place in public spaces. It tries to reach the customers and prospective customers in their everyday life, on the way to work or leisure activities. This can be done through the classic billboards and advertising pillars, which can be found in almost every German city. Here you can place printed advertising material especially in high-traffic squares, streets or intersections. By selecting the location, a target group can be defined and restricted. However, if you want to reach an even larger amount of people with a printed out-of-home product, you can also count on means of transport advertising. Here, the advertising is attached by means of stickers on buses or trams. Thus, public transport advertising moves throughout the city and is perceived by as many people as possible.

Digital Out-of-Home

In addition to printed out-of-home advertising, modern digital alternatives can also be used here. Through the use of infoscreens and digital displays, more and more digital advertising can be used in city life. These can both be used as printed outdoor advertising by placing pictures and graphics, but they also offer the possibility to play animated sequences and videos. As a result, a longer attention span can be generated at the customer. In addition, digital displays can be better adapted to the time of day and the location of the screen. Through this individualization, a different target group can be addressed in one place at different times.

Benefits of Out-of-Home Marketing

The use of outdoor advertising, especially in the form of videos and animated content, is mostly in places where many people spend time and time. This is especially noticeable at stops and train stations. Here people wait for their train or the bus and have to kill time. The advertising provides distraction and thus generates the greatest possible attention. In addition, the passers-by have no chance of escaping advertising, as the posters and ads are perceived subconsciously in the cityscape. In addition, Out-of-Home Marketing will reach a particularly large amount of people through a promotional activity.

Out-of-Home Marketing with Local Brand X

To make these effective and versatile marketing options accessible to your partners and local stores, the Local Brand X Out-of-Home module provides the ability to book all types of outdoor advertising directly in the Marketing Portal. Here, the contents can be adapted directly, the advertising space selected and booked directly through the system. Thus, all your local partners have the opportunity to effectively immerse themselves in the daily lives of their local customers. Does that sound interesting to you? Contact us, we will advise you.

Marketing Portal Local Brand X Simon Hofbauer
Simon Hofbauer

Head of Customer Success, Authorized Signatory

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