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Support local marketing with a partner* portal

Working with different partners at different locations is a challenge for your company that requires a lot of organization and planning. Each partner* would like to be supported individually, has their own needs, regional customers and sends inquiries to the head office. The different locations require different resources and assistance in order to carry out their individual local marketing for their own target group and individual customers. Cooperation with the entire partner* network can quickly become a mammoth task for the company and the central marketing department. A partner* portal helps to unite the partners on one platform and to support local marketing as best as possible.

Uniform platform and location-independent software

A partner* portal offers a cross-location platform for all partners and can help to facilitate communication. You no longer contact each of your partners individually by phone or email, but rather regulate all agreements in the partner* portal. This makes it easier for you as the head office to disseminate the information and reach all partners. It offers your partners a direct information base and an opportunity to get in touch with you quickly. In addition, partner* portals also offer services that network the partners with one another and unite them to form possible advertising associations.

By using the partner* portal as a cloud solution, your partners can log in and access the services from any location. In this way, you can work with your partner*, dealer or reseller on site, regardless of time and location.

Integrate knowledge platform

Not only communication and the quick handling of questions and messages, but also the dissemination of knowledge is one of the services that can be controlled via a partner* portal. Partners not only need a contact person and materials, but also guidelines on general marketing guidelines and databases in which they can find documents, media and graphics. You can use the portals to provide your partners, for example, with specifications for corporate identity or logos, fonts and useful graphics. There you will also find the opportunity to communicate training courses or information on new marketing materials and advertising material quickly and easily to the partners.

Marketing materials in a shop system

Ideally, the partner* portal also provides the option of integrating all the required advertising material via an integrated shop system. Your partners can either order them directly or edit them in the portal, add their personal information and order directly from a connected service provider. This not only saves you approval loops, but also direct inquiries for certain advertising materials and the associated working time. In general, the partner* portal not only saves time and money on the part of the head office, but also allows your partners to obtain advertising material faster by digitizing and optimizing the ordering process.

Retrieve data and evaluate statistics

You and your partners can access and evaluate all of these orders and the associated data via the partner* portal. In this way, at the end of a year or quarter, it can be determined exactly which marketing materials have been used more and which partners are doing more or less marketing than others. In general, a partner* portal offers the possibility of combining and overseeing all processes of local partner* marketing.


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