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Interview on vocational training businessman in e-commerce

Local Brand X: Hi Dominik! The last third of your first year of training has now begun. Time for a little update :) Now tell us for what training you have decided and what is special about your job.

Dominik: Hello everybody. As already mentioned, my name is Dominik and I started my apprenticeship in August 2018 as a businessman in e-commerce. This training has only been available since last year, which automatically means that I am in the first year of training. We are only nine students in the class, which makes the lessons very efficient. Everything works great at work.

Local Brand X: Sounds interesting! How exactly did you come across the training seems to be a rather unknown profession with nine classmates in your class?

Dominik: That may be. Since the starting signal for the first year of this training was given on 01.08, the profession is on everyone's lips! The high demand for skilled workers for the booming online market results in corresponding specialist training. I came to this profession myself because of my great interest in the online world and my own projects in online commerce when I was still in high school.

Local Brand X: Cool, that you've looked in a specific direction since your school days. Tell us something about your everyday trainee life!

Dominik: With pleasure! I attend the vocational school in Mainz every Tuesday and every two weeks on Thursdays. The rest of the time I spend at work. Local Brand X is only 10 minutes from my home, which is very convenient. I work like most from 9-17 o'clock. Then it's home and usually right after the sport.

Local Brand X: Tell us a bit about the content of your training and if the topics overlap with the work at Local Brand X.

Dominik: Since the e-commerce market largely covers the business of B2C (business-to-costumer), I do not always have the classic subjects of vocational school at work. Of course, because Local Brand X does not sell physical products, we do not use inventory control systems. Most ecommerce companies want to distribute their products to as many potential customers as possible, using marketing and sales strategies galore. Local Brand X is a software company and is on the other side of the value chain. By developing marketing portals for large, decentralized organizations, I am learning more about the B2B business at Local Brand X. I think that's great because it enables me to build strategies in both areas (B2B and B2C).

Local Brand X: Understands! In the same train you can tell us something about your tasks with us?

Dominik: Above all, I work closely with my trainer and receive recurring daily business activities. Since my education is commercial, business topics are a major part of my business activities. Regarding the marketing portal I work out ideas for new products, work independently on the extension of the system and help where I can! In addition to activities in and around the marketing portal, I also support with topics such as PR and online marketing. I switch, for example Currently Remarketing campaigns on different channels.

Local Brand X: Great! We hope you continue to enjoy the work of our software. What are your plans for the future?

Dominik: At the moment, I really enjoy working at Local Brand X. Since things went very well in school this year, I would like to continue my achievements in the coming year and try to finish as best in class. I also strive to increase my theoretical knowledge. A dual study after the training would be perfect.

Local Brand X: We are curious about your journey and thank you for the interview.

Dominik: With pleasure, for another year of "Marketing Portals": P


Marketing Portal Local Brand X Simon Hofbauer
Simon Hofbauer

Head of Customer Success, Authorized Signatory

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