Increasing partner productivity through partner relationship management

Increase the productivity of the partners through partner* relationship management

Each partner* and dealer usually acts for his own advantage and sometimes only to a limited extent, as the manufacturer desires. In order to enable good cooperation and partnership and to carry it out as easily as possible, a partner relationship management software helps. A partner Relationship Management, PRM for short, is software that is intended to simplify and improve communication between companies and their partners. Sales and marketing plans, product and price overviews and much more information can be called up there. In addition, a PRM helps in partner marketing management by offering the opportunity to create and handle joint marketing and advertising measures using the software. A PRM can thus help partners to advertise more productively and cost-effectively, and the right partner* management creates a win-win situation for everyone involved.

The right support for your own partner* management

Similar to the classic CRM (Customer Relationship Management), the PRM is a database or a communication platform on which your own sales and sales partners can find all relevant information about the products and services of the brand. The aim of partner relationship management is to avoid duplicate processes and to work with your own partners as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Through this close cooperation and the lively exchange via the platform, the existing relationship between the company and the partner* is worked on and optimized and maintained.
For smooth collaboration, PRM systems are mostly web-based and can be used by all partners regardless of time and place. This is particularly relevant for decentralized companies and companies with a channel strategy, since they use the software to invest in their own sales and distribution partners and to maintain a relationship with them. These partners are often more important, or even the only way that a product or service can be brought to customers, and are therefore essential for the success of the company.

Partner Marketing Management through a PRM

It is important not only to create a platform in PRM for the relevant information and to address the partners, but also to strengthen marketing. In addition to making data and content accessible and the exchange between companies and partners, partner relationship management software also helps in partner marketing management. Some systems make it possible to handle all marketing materials, marketing planning and advertising subsidies via the PRM. By connecting to an integrated marketing portal, the partners can personalize, edit and order their materials for local marketing. In this way, uniform advertising measures in the marketing of the various partners can be guaranteed and each partner* can still be given the opportunity to advertise individually and tailored to their own target group. In addition, the partners can use the PRM system to access a wide variety of advertising measures. This means that even small retailers without marketing knowledge can achieve a distinctive marketing mix and, for example, place advertisements on the website, social media and offline and out-of-home.

Increase productivity through partner marketing management

In addition to the various advertising materials and direct individualization and ordering, a successful partner marketing management offers the opportunity to create incentives. Thanks to the integrated order, the advertising subsidy for the individual advertising material is also processed directly via the partner Relationship Management System. To create special advertising incentives, the company can award advertising grants. These enable individual partners to obtain certain marketing materials more cheaply or even to receive them free of charge. With this discount, the partners become more aware of the advertising measures and invest faster and more intensely in their own local marketing. To strengthen particularly successful partnerships, these grants can be awarded, for example, based on sales figures. Partners who generate a particularly high turnover can advertise cheaper in the future and thus become even more successful. This in turn spurs other partners on and leads to a generally higher productivity in partner* marketing.


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