IBB x Local Brand X = Local Education Marketing

IBB x Local Brand X = Local Education Marketing

The Institute for Vocational Education AG, IBB for short, is one of the largest private educational providers in Germany and offers further training for transition phases, but also as a part-time measure. The company provides its customers with an up-to-date, high-quality educational offer that is adapted to demand. To this end, the IBB relies on satisfied employees and a nationwide network of locations. In order to be able to advertise even more effectively and individually at local level in the future and to address additional customers directly, the IBB is now working with the marketing portal of Local Brand X. The marketing portal helps the IBB to combine its advertising and communication resources in one system and to make them available internally to the individual locations. This means that despite more than 70 locations nationwide, the brand can be perceived as a single unit and communicate to the outside world as uniformly and stringently as possible.

One-stop communication

With the print products on offer and the advertising materials that can be ordered, the IBB offers its locations a selected range of marketing options with which everyone can work. Nevertheless, the printed articles are designed in such a way that everyone has enough creative freedom to meet their individual wishes. The content and format can be changed to the extent that it corresponds individually to the advertising requirements, but still remains within the corporate design guidelines.

Versatile portal for versatile marketing

Thanks to the integrated interface to FLYERALARM, not only the content and design of the products can be adapted. The ordered printed matter can be personalized down to the last detail by the users. The material, size or order volume can also be freely selected. The interface also ensures that the products are ordered directly and delivered to the respective locations. With the use of the Local Brand X marketing portal, the IBB is taking the first step towards an automated order portal. Thanks to the modular structure, there is nothing to prevent expansion into other marketing areas. The IBB is thus perfectly prepared for all upcoming changes and challenges. We are very happy to be working with the IBB and are looking forward to a successful future together.

Marketing Portal Local Brand X Yannik Bockius
Yannik Bockius

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