From working student to permanent position! Interview with Junior Developer Moritz

From working student to permanent position! Interview with Junior Developer Moritz

Local Brand X: Hi Moritz, welcome again to the permanent position! Please introduce yourself shortly before.

Moritz: Thank you very much! Hi, I'm Moritz, but I'm often called Mo. I am 23 years old, live and work in Mainz. I completed my Master of Science at the end of August this year and have been an integral part of software development at Local Brand X!

Local Brand X: That sounds exciting. We'll talk about your development with us. Tell us a little bit more about your school career and your studies.

Moritz: Sure, I like doing that. After finishing my high school diploma with a focus on computer science at a technical college, it quickly became clear to me that I wanted to stay in the direction of computer science. Since I used to have an internship in a surveying department and I was promised that at the time, I chose a subject that linked my preferences at the time. I then decided on geoinformatics. Of the two preferences, only one preference remained relatively quickly and that was computer science. *haha*

Local Brand X: Great! How did you find out about Local Brand X and how did it all start with us?

Moritz: At the time, I saw a job advertisement on Facebook for the position as a working student for software development at Local Brand X. That gave me the impression of a young company with "startup flair". Since the description corresponded to the ravages of time and addressed me directly, I applied without further ado and was accepted directly after an interview. I worked as a working student for software development for about a year and have been a junior developer at Local Brand X since mid-September.

Local Brand X: A story for the picture book. What were your tasks during your time as a working student with us?

Moritz: I got my first projects early. Since I was able to develop very well in programming here, I mostly worked on feature development. For example, I was able to implement a large part of the messaging system in the marketing portal independently.

Local Brand X: Right, you got pretty good pretty quickly! Did the symbiosis of working with Local Brand X and your studies help you?

Moritz: Indeed it did. For a project that spanned an entire semester, the new programming skills came to my advantage. In a group project, my team and I developed an “Augmented Reality” app that shows and calculates the user the direct route to a location X in the field without fixed roads.

Local Brand X: That sounds very interesting! How did you graduate? Moritz: I have to admit that the master's thesis was not the most relaxed. Nevertheless, I got my Master of Science title without problems * laughs *. Since I had the topic "Artificial Intelligence in Marketing Portals", I was able to combine a lot of practice from work with theory from the university. Since I am constantly working on the Local Brand X marketing portal, I was able to use the previous knowledge from the field of artificial intelligence in marketing portals in my master's thesis. Killed several birds with one swatter, so to speak.

Local Brand X: Very smart. What happens now?

Moritz: I can't reveal too much, but in future there will be more artificial intelligence on the marketing portal. I want to stay tuned to this exciting topic and Local Brand X is also committed to the topic of “Artificial Intelligence in the Marketing Portal”. For example, expanded and automated product suggestions will be added or a digital consultant integrated. Let's see what the future brings.

Local Brand X: We are also looking forward to the future with you and the further development of the marketing portal, also through your contribution to it. How is your debut celebrated?

Moritz: I hope we have a wet and happy evening at the Oktoberfest in Mainz in 2 weeks. I am also looking forward to the future with all my colleagues and am grateful for the opportunity to join Local Brand X as a full-time developer right after my studies!

Local Brand X: Thank you for the interview Mo and all the best!

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