Request Form Module extension in the Local Brand X Marketing Portal

Flexible creation of individual inquiries and surveys via the marketing portal

You are often faced with the challenge of transparent control of your individual inquiry processes, which today arrive partly by e-mail, fax or telephone. Often it is not just the request, but there are numerous coordination and correction rounds for the creation of, for example, office signage, special marketing materials or individual formats. In order to optimize these processes in-house and in communication with your service providers, the request tool can be used as a product extension of the Local Brand X marketing portal in the future.

Due to the large number of different local partners, inquiries are repeatedly generated that can not be created automatically and thus have to be produced individually for a partner* individually. Despite the functioning marketing portal, these individual cases still had to be clarified individually and outside the portal and passed on manually to external service providers.

Complete voting process on a system

Using the extension "Collaboration.X" individual request forms can be created for such cases. Through these, the partners can communicate directly with the service providers or the head office, commission and coordinate their individual solutions. Instead of the customary personalization of master templates, a form is filled out with questions that ask for the necessary components and variants for the request and guide you step-by-step through the process. Any questions that arise after that can be reconciled within the system through a chat function with the head office or the service providers. Thus, the entire reconciliation process, up to the review of drafts and the final order, can be handled through the marketing portal.

Flexible use of forms

Not only on the side of the partners this offers a very flexible solution to request articles. The head office is also very flexible due to the form creation. Here, the most different types of questions can be defined. No matter if given answers to select, open text fields or the upload of files and pictures, the forms can be created completely individually. The number of questions can also be edited at any time and for future requests. Thus, frequent and repeated inquiries can be counteracted. Furthermore, this expansion of the center provides the opportunity to get feedback from their partners by being able to create small surveys, for example on the quality of the product portfolio in the marketing portal, and evaluate them afterwards. In addition to requesting individual product requests and surveys, complaint forms or briefing and design information about such forms can also be created, thus optimizing the coordination processes between the marketing center and affiliated service providers. Overall, the request tool leads to simple and integrated communication via the marketing portal and also has the advantage that all queries can be made evaluable and measurable. Does that sound interesting to you? Contact us, we will gladly advise you.

Marketing Portal Local Brand X Yannik Bockius
Yannik Bockius

Managing Director

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