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As your business grows and expands, you may be facing new marketing challenges that you did not have before. Just then you want your marketing concept to work even better. The workflow must also be optimally optimized for new locations and target groups. In such cases, you definitely need a marketing portal. A marketing portal is a web-based platform that uses marketing management software to help appropriate departments in your organization to provide large, distributed teams and individual employees with important marketing resources on demand. Such marketing portals are tailored and complex solutions that can serve a variety of industries, including retail, hospitality, insurance and other decentralized organizations.

Keep the consistency of your brand with a marketing portal

One common problem many companies face is maintaining brand consistency. Particularly in the context of branching out, expansion of locations or acquisition, targeted measures are needed so that customers can enjoy the same result in a new location that they are accustomed to already established structures. In addition to the same quality product you deliver, you also need a consistent texture of the color palette, logo, marketing materials, and other tools. In practice, for example, this would involve a tedious adjustment of business cards, stationery, invoices, social media platforms and other marketing tools. Often, there is simply no time to do this work and the launch is delayed. An innovative and well thought-out marketing portal is able to make this work optimal and time-saving and to take many tasks from your team. As part of a marketing management system, stores, field offices, distributors and distributors have access to a complete set of services with a variety of marketing resources available in digital form through a secure marketing portal. Many services can be called up or commissioned at any time.

Support for rebranding and introduction of new brands

From time to time, your company may need to rebrand or new brands may be introduced. Depending on the size of the company, this can be a daunting task. But once successful, it can bring many positive aspects and usher in a whole new era in the company's history. An experienced marketing management software can reliably support you here as well. She accompanies your company through all stations on the way to this ambitious goal. Two major challenges for large, multi-site organizations, such as updating marketing materials and ensuring that each team member has access to updated resources, are mastered here. The marketing management software runs on servers, which means that all updated materials can be instantly uploaded to the cloud. Thus, all steakholders have immediate access to the latest resources, regardless of their current location. This means you do not have to worry about your employees being unable to complete projects because they can not access all the files they need. Marketing portals usually work outside of your in-house IT systems. So you can be sure that nobody gets access to the servers of your company from the outside.

Marketing Management System: practical helper in many situations

A marketing management system proves to be particularly practical in many ways. It saves you valuable time because all processes are automated. So an order can be quickly, easily and at any time commissioned by your marketing team. The most important steps, such as print production, are automatic and you do not have to worry about anything. Well-known issues like wastefulness or decrepitude of advertising materials are now a thing of the past. Your company's marketing channels can be managed and activated from a central location. This also saves you valuable resources because you are able to order all already approved materials in any quantity as well as to order new orders. In addition, you can always send newsletters and e-mails, plan offline and online marketing campaigns and determine your own tasks, communicate with other employees - and all with a single marketing portal. All employees will benefit from faster updates and faster time-to-market.

Marketing management systems offer you flexible account and billing options. Invoices are automatically generated, archived and available at any time.
All user access permissions to the marketing portal can be managed by administrators. You determine which materials and tools should be available to the respective user or location, how high the order quantity may be, or how often the order can be made. The marketing portals are designed so that many users can access data and resources at the same time. However, confusion does not happen because all transactions are stored reliably and securely in appropriate databases and can be traced back. Easily manage your bills, payments and keep track of monthly expenses. Because marketing portals provide you with important key figures in order to be able to experience, for example, the ROI of the marketing activities. They provide you with detailed reports on stocks, specific use of the materials, and other statistics that can help you identify the weaknesses and make even more targeted use of your marketing campaigns. If you have international offices, many distributors or distributors, the sophisticated mechanisms of the marketing management system will ensure that everyone adheres to corporate design and other corporate policies. With pre-optimized and approved marketing material templates, you can provide important tools to your partners and give you individual access to individual areas.

Marketing portal and marketing management systems in practice

A big advantage of marketing portals lies in their flexible adaptation to the wishes of the customers. Because here a uniformly programmed standard solution is adapted to the requirements. The marketing portal is branded for your company or agency. It is practically your personal and protected area that only you or the people you choose will have access to. To access the marketing portal, users can log in to their secure account from a specially-created homepage. Optionally, one can also be forwarded via Single Sign On (SSO) from the intranet of the respective company. After logging in, you get to the individual marketing portal homepage, which contains all the tools of the marketing management software. These tools allow users to create reports, customize their contact information, view past orders, and access stored orders. New orders can be initiated through an intuitive and simple process. In each category, the user can select from a library of proprietary resources necessary material. After the selection of the product, the materials will be personalized and provided with your own information. If the adjustment is completed, then the order can be placed. Depending on authorization, advanced features such as powerful bulk import and tagging capabilities are available to the user. Various tools for the extraction of metadata, such as all information about the author, copyright or date are provided here. So all resources can be provided with necessary information to allow an "elastic search" according to any criteria.

If a marketing portal has the ability to manage video, audio, or other multimedia materials, there are also automated file format conversion or transcoding tools. Special possibilities are made possible for the user in the form of version controls. This allows him to track changes and updates or, depending on the authorization, limit the availability of materials over time. After expiration, the data is made invisible or deleted altogether. Those responsible for the marketing portal can provide appropriate filtered access to specific resources based on defined user groups or roles. A marketing management system can allow the user to directly integrate the files, especially the templates, into any external software such as Adobe InDesign. A reverse integration of the finished files is possible.

Marketing Management System: Advantages at a overview

Overall, a marketing portal can offer you many interesting options:

  • Centralized management of all traditional communication channels for B2B and B2C projects (print materials, newsletters, blogs, e-books, events, white papers, etc.);
  • Multi-channel solutions for the most popular social media platforms, mobile apps or websites;
  • Brand management with customization of different levels and hierarchies, including individual locations, partners or other steakholders;
  • Generation of landing pages, customizable PDFs, forms, templates and documents;
  • Storage and management of order, billing and contact databases;
  • Video and audio production.

In addition to saving time and money and ensuring the consistency of your brands, there are a few other advantages of a marketing portal:

  • Reduction and elimination of errors and redundant information;
  • Version control over individual files and projects;
  • advanced search function with many different parameters;
  • effective tools for branding;
  • SEO tools;
  • different possibilities for file sharing and exchange;
  • an in-house server independent and secure area;
  • decentralized and cloud-based solutions for fast and secure information exchange.

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