Direct and digital advice to local sales partners: The Local Brand X marketing consultant

Direct and digital advice to local sales partners: The Local Brand X marketing consultant

Regardless of whether you are buying a new electrical appliance, new jeans or the bakery around the corner, we receive personal advice everywhere in the trade, which ideally leads us to buy the best possible product for us. But what happens if we only want to make our purchases online - do we have to do without personal advice here and are we on our own? The various online shops have already found answers to this and advise us digitally and directly using algorithms and artificial intelligence.

Recommendation management on the Internet

Recommendations such as "Customers who bought this item also liked ..." allow companies to use the sales data to present related products and show cross-connections. In addition, an attempt is made to collect a buyer personality by collecting data. With every click and the length of time the customer stays on the products, the seller knows more and can make personal recommendations based on preferences. This means that even when shopping online, nobody is completely on their own and a better experience can be generated for the customer.

Digital marketing consultant

The cross-references and recommendations can be displayed more subtly as a banner or as a link. However, direct, digital marketing consultants and virtual assistants are also increasingly being used. Here the technology of chatbots is used to enter into a direct exchange with customers and to give personal advice. Through targeted questions, it can be clarified again what the customer values, how much budget he is willing to invest and which general wishes should be fulfilled. In this way, the best product for the individual customer can be found and placed directly in a digital conversation.

Advantages of virtual assistants

The advantage of these marketing consultants is that they are not overlooked like general recommendations or classified as advertising. The character of a chat conversation creates a feeling of personal advice for the customer, which has a greater impact on willingness to buy than general recommendations. The use of chatbots for advice comes closest to the conversation from the stationary trade.

Marketing consultant at Local Brand X

With the expansion of the Local Brand X marketing portal, your local partners can now be provided with exactly this personal advice. Local sales partners in particular find it difficult to find the right marketing measures from the portal. With questions about the budget, the target group or the desired channels, an overview of the ideal advertising material can be created and displayed directly for each advertising intention. Thus, each individual partner* can be advised precisely on their personal advertising intentions. Does that sound interesting to you? Contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

Marketing Portal Local Brand X Simon Hofbauer
Simon Hofbauer

Head of Customer Success, Authorized Signatory

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