Through Channel Marketing Automation

Through Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA) can help to support sales and distribution partners in local marketing. Local partners can be networked with a TCMA.




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Network the local partners with through channel marketing automation

Globalization and the interconnectedness of the world mean that there are more and more large companies that advertise their brands nationally or even worldwide and still rely on a uniform brand image. This is not only important for large corporations such as Coca-Cola or BMW, other brands also rely on the distributed or local marketing system. In distributed marketing, the products and services are distributed and also advertised decentrally by local partners. This means that these local partners have the most direct customer contact, whereas the brand itself only plays a major role. Through Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA) can help to optimally prepare the partners for the local marketing and to make this uniform despite the decentralized organization.

Was ist eine TCMA Plattform?

What is a TCMA platform?

A platform is used to help successfully carry out Through Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA). These TCMA platforms are mostly a software-as-a-service system that enables a brand to conduct successful marketing through its local partners. These platforms are sometimes also referred to as distributed marketing platforms or marketing portals and make it possible to conduct target group-oriented marketing at the local level. The platform connects all local partners with the head office and thus offers support in all areas of marketing. In order to operate distributed and local marketing that is as uniform as possible, but targeted, the partners have access to a large number of marketing materials, campaigns, images and digital assets on the Through Channel Marketing Automation platform, which they can use to increase their local visibility.

Why do you need through channel marketing automation?

The advantages in local marketing are the customer approach and the individual adaptation to the local market. However, as a brand you pass a lot of responsibility on to the individual partners. Ultimately, sales and thus the success of the entire company depend on your marketing. The problem here, however, is that the partners can have very different levels of knowledge in the field of marketing, as they may not have any prior knowledge of marketing.

In addition, in many companies the procedures and processes for local advertising are complex and have many loops. In many cases, all measures have to be approved or even created by the headquarters. These individual and complex processes are solved by the TCMA. For this, a company needs clear agreements between the head office and the partners as well as platforms and connections via which the current content and marketing opportunities are shared.

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What does a TCMA offer?

A through channel marketing automation system offers the possibility to influence and support marketing management positively at many corners and ends. In general, such software offers the opportunity to improve the entire distributed marketing workflow and to provide the individual partners with a platform on which everything is combined in one place. Ideally, this is easy to use and requires little prior knowledge.

On the one hand, all marketing materials and advertising material can be bundled in this system. These are not only articles that can be ordered, but also the possibility of individualizing marketing materials and adapting them to local customers and individual branches. There are no limits to the selection of marketing materials. In a through channel marketing automation system, print articles, digital advertisements, social media materials and out-of-home articles can be offered as well as trade fair articles, business equipment or video materials. In addition, not only advertising material, but also individual digital assets such as images, logos or graphics can be shared and distributed via the TCMA system. It can therefore also replace external digital assets management (DAM).

In addition to advertising material and assets, the systems also offer the option of publishing corporate design specifications and supporting the partners in budget planning. This is mainly done through the award of advertising subsidies for certain products or individual partners. However, so that distributed marketing can also be used successfully and purposefully, the TCMA helps to analyze the activities and to evaluate them afterwards.

Advantages of a TCMA platform

  • Combines the complete local marketing of the sales or distribution partners
  • Access to all necessary marketing materials via a web-based platform
  • Centralizes and simplifies the marketing processes (efficient workflow)
  • Combines creating, approving and publishing in one step
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Overview of all marketing campaigns
  • Addressing local target groups
  • Analysis of products and partners
  • Evaluation of the partner's success

Who benefits from TCMA?

The use of through channel marketing automation creates a win-win situation for the brand and the individual sales and distribution partners, as it creates a bridge between the central marketing department and the individual partners. For the head office, collaboration is made easier and the workload is significantly lower because not every measure has to be coordinated individually with the partner*. The partners, on the other hand, get a clear platform on which all important marketing measures are covered. This makes day-to-day marketing easier and faster for the partners. Especially with independent partners who represent several brands, such a TCMA system can lead to more local marketing for the brand. In general, with the TCMA, the head office transfers more power and freedom of choice to the individual partners, but guarantees the general brand image (corporate identity) through the templates and settings. This is particularly important because the individual partners can be seen as important ambassadors in the company's brand communication.