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With a marketing service portal, you support your partners in ordering and booking marketing and advertising measures.




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What is a marketing service portal?

To unite sales partners under one brand. According to the saying “Many cooks spoil the broth”, the marketing departments are also faced with the challenge that partners want to be involved in the creation and management of marketing materials and products. A marketing portal can help manage these problems. A marketing service portal is software that can be used to control the entire marketing of a company. This contains all available advertising material that is made available to the local partners, a direct overview and control function of order numbers and marketing successes, as well as the possibility of communicating advertising measures and plans to the individual partners. This offers the possibility to optimize processes and to advertise true to the corporate identity even in decentralized companies.

Advantages of a marketing service portal

  • Relief of the central marketing department in the creation of advertising material
  • Lower process costs and easier arrangements through templates and templates
  • Targeted use of customizable products and advertising materials in local marketing
  • Comprehensive marketing success through new advertising media in the offline and online area
  • Reporting and control of all adjustments and orders made via the portal
  • Automatic control and safeguarding of the corporate design for all products

Problems in local marketing

Without using a marketing service, the various contact persons lead to a large number of votes and a high amount of work in order to do justice to each stakeholder and to design, produce and publish the desired materials. Every order must be received by the central marketing department, the materials (regardless of whether they are in print, online or social media) must be adapted and, if necessary, media data or information must be requested. This is followed by an agreement on the corporate design (CD) and a feedback loop from the partner. Only then can the order be placed and go into production. Afterwards, it must also be guaranteed that it will be published and placed in the appropriate places. This management process is of course not only time-consuming and associated with high process costs, but also prone to errors due to the lack of integration of the company's own systems such as media databases and CRM systems. In addition, the manual processing of these inquiries does not allow you to call up evaluations, information and evaluations afterwards without using up additional resources.

Improved workflow through a marketing service portal

In order to avoid all these problems and to guarantee a simpler workflow for everyone involved and contact persons, Marketing Service Portals offer a holistic solution. The possibilities on the portal range from the management of classic web-to-print products such as business cards and brochures, through digital products and marketing materials in the image, audio and video area, to your own website or social media measures online. The special feature here is the direct connection to service partners, with whom, for example, an advertisement or a large-format poster can be booked in the city center immediately after creation. The integration of the company's own social media accounts and the management of your own website also offer the possibility of distributing content online directly from the Marketing Service Portal. The content for this can be called up at any time in the marketing portal via the cloud.

Infographic workflow marketing service portal
  • Control of all marketing measures via a central system (print, out-of-home, social media, video, website, etc.)
  • Connection of agencies, brokers, field service or sales partners
  • Marketing department (or specialist department) maintains marketing measures in the portal
  • Automated creation and booking of marketing measures
  • Possibility to connect service providers (e.g. printers, agencies) available

Marketing service and corporate design

Decentralized companies face a major challenge, especially when it comes to corporate identity and the correct use of images, logos and colors. Information and guidelines can be published in a marketing service portal and templates can be created that only allow the local partner to make changes in accordance with the design. By integrating internal media databases and CMR systems (in the cloud), every user can personalize and adapt their marketing materials online without running the risk of violating CD guidelines. In addition, the partner can run the media in the Marketing Service Portal himself and redeem grants and discounts directly when paying. The automated process can reduce the number of feedback loops and contact persons in order to make marketing as efficient as possible.

Optimize process costs through marketing service portal

The system can optimize processes in local marketing, which in the long term can save not only time but also costs. Due to the decentralized structure, many processes in the company are carried out by various local partners and brought to the head office. The company's headquarters can use the marketing service portal to distribute the content and at the same time give it to many locations. In addition, feedback loops can be simplified and dealt with directly via the portal. This saving in work steps means that a process can be used by many partners and there is an enormous reduction in process costs. These saved costs and the additional time can be used more for planning and optimizing marketing. Further information on the calculation of process costs can be found here.

Example of a process cost calculation:

ActivityManual (in minutes)Automatic (in minutes)
Inquiry at marketing / marketing service portal                               15                                        5
Structure of the ad                               60                                      15
Send PDF to the client                                 5                                        0
Corrections                               25                                        0
Handover of final print documents to the client                                 5                                        0
Approval for printing by the client                                 5                                        5
Forwarding to print service provider / customer                                 5                                        5
Total                             120                                      30
Cost per advertisement (hourly rate: 70.00 EUR)               140,00 EUR                        35,00 EUR

Whitepaper: Prozesskostenrechnung für den Einsatz eines Marketing-Service-Portals

Finden Sie hier weitere Informationen zur Berechnung der Prozesskosten.

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How to Obtain a Marketing Service Portal


When purchasing, a one-time investment is made in purchasing the software license. This means that you own the portal and you can install it locally on your servers and make it available to your employees and partners. Training, additional information and familiarization phases are often offered so that this can be used in the best possible way by all those involved. When purchasing, the system can in most cases also be adapted to the company's own needs and wishes. The one-time, high purchase price depends, among other things, on the scope of the solution.


In comparison, a cloud solution (software-as-a-service) offers the option of obtaining the software via a web application. So nothing is loaded onto the local computer, but used purely online via the cloud. Every employee and partner who works on marketing is given their own access data and can access the software. Due to the monthly costs, the system is not acquired, but only a right of use for a certain period of time. Thanks to regular updates, the Marketing Service Portal remains up-to-date and efficient even after years.