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Glossary – B2B

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The term B2B refers to the business relationships between companies and is the short form of Business to Business. It therefore describes those transactions that are concluded between two companies. This exposes B2B relationships to other business relationships that exist between a business and consumers, employees, or public administration.
An example from practice makes the term tangible:

If the kitchen of a restaurant requires special equipment which is not suitable for private use in size and size, it will contact the manufacturer of catering equipment. Restaurant visitors as end customers are only indirectly affected by the purchase. A B2B business is being completed.

The term B2B can be found primarily in relation to the industrial or capital goods industry. That's why they used to talk about B2B and B2B marketing, as well as industrial and capital goods marketing. In marketing, Business to Business is about positively influencing the relationship between two organizations or companies, creating a positive foundation for future business relationships. In PR, we talk about B2B PR when PR focuses on the relationship between one company and another. Unlike selling to an end user, B2B is not just about how to use a product, it's about a complex mix of factors.
In most cases, a large number of decision-makers are involved in the procurement process. This is why comprehensive knowledge of the structure, structure and hierarchies of the target company is a great advantage.

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