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Local Brand X Glossary


1-level support is a form of IT support to assist users or customers with hardware or software issues.
The first support level describes the first point of contact for customers and users, to whom they can turn with questions and problems. Direct inquiries, which reach the enterprise by telephone, via email, over a ticket system or by remote maintenance, are processed here. Simple comprehension questions about issues that keep users busy are answered by 1-level support. In the event that problems in the 1-level support can not be solved, the problem is passed on to the 2-level support.

But especially for FAQs, so questions that keep users busy again and again, can usually be found by a well-trained 1-level support solutions without much time. An in-depth knowledge base of information about the company and its products facilitates the work of 1-level support and has a positive impact on customer experience.

Good 1-level support is characterized by intensive customer contact and strengthens the trust of customers in the company. This presents itself service-oriented and inspires users with friendly and comprehensive help with problems.
A 1-level support also serves as a filter function to quickly process and filter questions that need to be answered without depth knowledge, before deeper questions in the 2-level support are worked on by experts.

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