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Examples and ideas how you can use the Local Marketing Platform

When using a marketing portal such as our Local Marketing Platform, many marketing managers or their partners cannot yet imagine how this can optimize their day-to-day work and support marketing. The transition to a new software solution scares most employees at first or gives the impression that a lot of conversion and work would be required in order to use the system properly and to benefit from it. You can read here what potential there is in such software and the different areas in which it can support you and your partners.

The Local Marketing Platform and partner* marketing

A uniform, company-wide marketing concept is often a major challenge, especially for companies that are not only represented at one location, rely on indirect sales or work with a large partner* network. Many different people in charge, levels of knowledge and opinions usually lead to a complex planning and implementation process, which can, however, be optimized through the use of software..

Keep partners up to date on marketing measures and campaigns

When working with a large partner* network, our customers are often faced with the challenge of uniting all partners and addressing them collectively. By using the Local Marketing Platform, all marketing-relevant content is brought together in one place and made accessible to the partners.

1. Immediate access from all locations

The Local Marketing Platform is a web-based application that you can make available to your partners and users by assigning login data. No licenses need to be distributed or programs installed on the individual computers to use this system. All that is needed is a stable internet connection on the part of the user. Thanks to this web-based approach, all of your partners can use the system at any location, regardless of time and place, and are particularly flexible in creating, producing or directly publishing marketing and advertising measures.

2. Distribute marketing materials to the partners

A particularly popular function and one of the main benefits of the Local Marketing Platform is to distribute your own marketing materials and measures to the local partners. You can use the platform to inform your partners about new advertising opportunities and present and focus on various campaigns and articles. With campaign plans and the associated article packages, you can also control which articles and measures should be booked more and thus set specific marketing priorities.

[Translate to eng:] Marketingmaterialien an die Partner* verteilen

3. Reach partners consistently

In addition to the distribution of marketing materials, contact and communication with partners is an important point in the Local Marketing Platform. Our customers use the system to manage all exchanges with partners on one platform. The messaging system can be used to send messages to all partners, specific groups or individual responsible persons. By communicating using group messages, you can not only provide information, but also offer the partners an opportunity to exchange ideas. Direct contact with individual partners, on the other hand, helps to spread certain articles even more and to point out specific promotions.

[Translate to eng:] Partner erreichen

4. Clearly provide brand information

In order to provide your partners with all the necessary design and brand information, the Local Marketing Platform offers its own brand center area. Customers use this area to collect the corporate design guidelines in one place and, for example, to provide corporate colors, fonts and logos. In combination with the integrated digital asset management, graphics and company images can also be managed and made directly available. In this way, your partners and users will find all content and information in one place and can use them directly.


[Translate to eng:] Brand Informationen übersichtlich bereitstellen

5. Get an overview of various advertising measures

The Local Marketing Platform supports your partners in choosing the right marketing materials and forms of advertising. The shop system enables them to see all templates and articles at a glance. In this way, you can not only get an overview, but also make a direct selection of suitable forms of advertising for your local marketing. By dividing the articles into categories and packages, such as online measures or articles for a specific marketing campaign, the partners can be supported in the selection of the right marketing measures.

6. FAQ pages for partners

In order to avoid unnecessary approval loops and inquiries from the partners, individual FAQ pages can be created for the partners in the Local Marketing Platform. Customers collect the specific questions most frequently asked by their partners and create a specially designed page to provide the partners with information. The partners can inform themselves here in the event of possible complications or ambiguities and usually find an answer to their questions directly.

7. Marketing guides

In order to not only answer the partners' questions, but also to prevent certain questions from arising in the first place, the Local Marketing Platform offers the possibility of providing specific information pages. In so-called guidelines, all important content on a specific topic can be processed and made easily accessible. For example, a social media guide can help partners dare to use new forms of advertising, understand what they can be used for and which functions are included. In this way, the partners can be motivated to try new things and receive further training in marketing.


8. Deploy holistic campaigns

In addition to the pure provision of articles in the shop system, complete marketing campaigns can also be provided via the Local Marketing Platform. The campaign plan shows the partners which campaigns are planned over the marketing year and which priorities are set. Various marketing measures and articles that enable cross-media marketing can be added to a specific campaign. The provision of all associated advertising measures in article packages makes it easier for partners to order the materials they need. In addition, campaign pages can be created and filled with useful information to enable the partners to carry out the campaign as smoothly as possible.


[Translate to eng:] Ganzheitliche Kampagnen bereitstellen

Partners help to optimize the customer approach through the different advertising channels

In local marketing these days it is no longer enough just to be personally known or to present printed advertising material. Modern marketing requires a cross-media and digital marketing strategy, which may be a challenge for some local partners. With the Local Marketing Platform, the partners can be supported in the implementation of marketing activities and a variety of cross-media advertising opportunities can be offered.

9. Cross-media advertising and marketing activities

By providing a wide variety of marketing measures and combining them in campaigns, the partners can ideally combine different types of measures. The use of print, digital and social media measures, for example, leads to a cross-media approach to customers. Thus, customers can not only be reached several times, but also different customer groups can be addressed. The cross-media marketing strategy helps to cover the entire customer journey of one's own customers and to inform customers as holistically as possible about one's own products and the brand.

10. Increase local visibility through local listings

Many of our customers rely on the integrated local listings function in the Local Marketing Platform. By local listings we mean the listing of company and location information on various industry portals. By sharing it in the platform, your partners can publish their contact and company information on over 50 portals and keep them up to date. The function also offers the option of viewing reviews and reacting and responding to them directly via the platform. These functions help the partners to shine especially in local search queries and to reach more customers via search engines like Google.


11. Individual and personal approach to customers

In local marketing and, above all, in cooperation with a wide variety of partners at different locations, it is particularly important to appear uniformly as a brand, but also to choose the right approach for the customers on site. By personalizing the contact person on site, customers should not only get the feeling of being a number in a large system, but also of maintaining personal contact with their contact persons. The possibility of providing your partners with customizable advertising material means that there is a very personal exchange between customers and companies. By consistently maintaining the corporate design, the image of the brand is strengthened and carried outwards despite its individuality. However, the partners can still adapt the content and the approach to their local target group.

12. Promote customer contact with video addresses

At a time when digital forms of advertising are particularly popular and there is less and less personal contact at the point of sale, companies must try to integrate personal customer contact into digital forms as well. This can be achieved through personalized video productions and personal addresses in the advertising film. In the Local Marketing Platform, you can provide your partners with short video clips and advertising films, which you can supplement with your own recording and thus get in direct contact with customers. These individual moving image formats are particularly well remembered and leave a lasting impression on customers.


[Translate to eng:] Kundenkontakt fördern mit Videoansprachen

13. Use social media

Using social media as an advertising platform can in many cases, especially at the beginning, seem very overwhelming. Which platforms are right for your own company, which customer language should be selected and whether paid or unpaid content is better suited to your own marketing goal. By integrating social media marketing into the Local Marketing Platform, company headquarters can relieve local partners of some of these questions and plan all measures from one platform. With the help of posting and ad templates provided by the marketing center, the partners can book and publish posts and ads directly on Facebook, Instagram and Co., make the right targeting and choose between simple cost plans. Through the direct evaluation of the success (e.g. number of clicks), the entire social media marketing can be controlled easily and uniformly in one system.

14. Provide customizable print measures

In addition to cross-media advertising campaigns, part of the Local Marketing Platform is also a "web-to-print module". Various template-based print products can be made available to the partners here. The partners add their own contact information to these templates, such as business cards, brochures or posters, and can then order them directly. With the help of the templates, possible correction and approval loops are omitted and the connection of external service providers means that products can be produced and delivered particularly quickly. This creates a very effective and efficient way of working in the production of advertising measures.

15. Reach customers through events

Personal exchange with customers is often particularly important to local contact persons. Not only the point of sale helps, but also local events, such as trade fairs or exhibitions. In the Local Marketing Platform you can support your partners in preparing for these events particularly effectively. Here, for example, article packages can be put together for events or the booking and planning of equipment can be organized. Via the platform, partners can see directly on which days exhibition stands or other equipment are available and can be booked for their own event.

16. Individual recommendations

In order to enable your partners to use the Local Marketing Platform as simply and intuitively as possible, it helps to rely on individual recommendations for advertising measures and to support the partners in their selection. The platform offers the possibility not only to operate cross-selling and to display similar or matching articles in the selection, but also to use a chat bot. Using selected questions, the chat bot helps users to find the right articles or advertising campaigns for their own goals and plans and to make a selection as easily as possible.

[Translate to eng:] Individuelle Empfehlungen

Analysis, evaluation and funding of marketing activities

Not only the planning and implementation of the marketing is an important part of the local marketing, but also the strategic analysis and evaluation after the successful publication of the measures. The Local Marketing Platform supports the analysis of the booked and produced marketing measures, offers a quick and easy overview and enables the partners to support not only strategically but also financially.

17. Analysis of all orders and marketing activities

Thanks to the analysis area in the Local Marketing Platform, all orders from your partners can be recorded easily and at a glance. The ready-made dashboard provides an initial overview and impression, which contributes to a better assessment of the marketing activities. In addition, you can compare individual partners or partner* groups and check the order processes for specific articles or campaigns. In this way you can directly measure the success of your marketing campaigns and, if necessary, make your partners more aware of opportunities or reward them for particularly successful campaigns.


18. Measuring the success of advertising campaigns

Based on the planning of the marketing activities, campaigns and the article packages provided for them, you can see directly how often these were used or carried out by the local partners. Through the use of digital advertising measures, such as social media posts or advertisements, the success of the campaign can also be evaluated directly in the system. Here you can see at a glance how many people have reached the content and what results, such as clicks, they have generated. In this way, the successes of the campaign can be viewed and analyzed by the individual partners on the one hand. On the other hand, the head office can also use these insights and get a general picture of the partner*'s success.

19. Partner* activation via advertising subsidies

In order to activate and motivate your partners, you can distribute advertising subsidies directly via the Local Marketing Platform. Our customers use this function to reward particularly successful partners and, for example, to credit them with advertising credits when they reach a certain sales target. In addition to the reward for achieving certain goals, grants and discounts can also be published for certain campaigns or articles, which lead to new or previously little-used advertising measures being added to your partner*'s repertoire.


Planning and organization on the part of the head office

In addition to the implementation and analysis of marketing activities, the uniform planning and strategic approach is an important part of partner* marketing. By working with different partners at different locations, a uniform planning and campaign structure is particularly important in order to produce a uniform brand image. The Local Marketing Platform offers the possibility to share marketing plans, to provide specifications and to realize the marketing year together with the partners.

20. Uniform campaign plan and implementation

The marketing planner of the Local Marketing Platform offers the possibility of presenting the individual marketing campaigns and focal points in a uniform overview. The marketing center can create this campaign plan internally, for example for the coming year, and pass it on to your local partners via the platform. The partners then adopt the specifications in their own planning and can make their own local and individual adjustments. In this way, uniform marketing priorities can be set in the entire company and the entire marketing planning with the partners can be improved.


[Translate to eng:] Einheitlicher Kampagnenplan und Durchführung

21. Support in marketing budget planning for partners

In addition to campaign planning, our customers can also use the Local Marketing Platform to create budget plans. You can provide your partners with ready-made budget plans, which can be adapted and adjusted on site in order to support the partners in budgeting and planning marketing measures. In this way, not only content-related, but also financial priorities are set company-wide in the marketing year, thereby strengthening uniform brand communication.

22. Little manual effort and approval loops

The use of templates means that our customers make the marketing materials available to their partners in an editable manner. This creates a basic framework that conforms to corporate design and can be expanded by the local partners with their own information, images and contact details. Due to the fixed design specifications, there are significantly fewer approval loops in the creation and ordering process and manual design processes can be completely saved. This significantly reduces the time and money required to create local advertising measures for the partners.

[Translate to eng:] Zehn Gründe für lokales Marketing

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23. Extensive administration area for maintaining the platform

As a customer, you yourself determine which of your users receive administrator rights. In most cases, these are those responsible for marketing from company headquarters, who are responsible for the local partners and the implementation of marketing. These administrators can not only maintain articles and templates, but also build and design the entire Local Marketing Platform individually. With a kind of "content management system" you can set up pages for your partners (for example with brand or campaign information), put together certain article packages or set order and payment options. The internal administration area gives you the freedom to design and use the platform in a way that best suits you and your partners.

Holistic process optimization in partner* marketing

In order to make the marketing process and the cooperation with local partners as simple and efficient as possible, the Local Marketing Platform helps to optimize the entire marketing process. By bringing together all the components of the process in one platform, holistic processes can be improved and viewed holistically. This not only makes marketing more efficient, but also simpler and more successful.

24. Cooperation with various service providers and service partners

When using the Local Marketing Platform, you have the choice of integrating the Local Brand X service partner*, or existing service providers such as printing companies can be connected to the system with just a few clicks. This means that you are completely free to choose your service partner*, but you can also fall back on proven service providers from the Local Brand X portfolio for a completely new setup.


25. Billing system and booking of orders

The billing system integrated into the Local Marketing Platform enables our customers not only to see all of the partner*'s orders, but also to book the orders directly. For example, different cost centers can be stored here, which are debited directly when the order is placed. In addition, you can freely choose the payment options and adapt them to the needs of your partners. The internal distribution of advertising subsidies also allows discounts and credits to be distributed. This virtual credit can be used directly as a form of payment by the partners when paying for orders.

26. Direct integration into existing systems

The open system structure of the Local Marketing Platform enables the system to be ideally integrated into existing software structures. By using APIs and interfaces, existing systems such as digital asset management, inventory control systems or customer relationship management systems can be ideally integrated into the platform. By merging the various systems, the partners can then access the data (e.g. images, product data, etc.) and place them in a wide variety of advertising measures.

27. Management of digital images and files

Since digital assets such as images, graphics or documents are often required for the production and creation of marketing materials and measures, the Local Marketing Platform has its own digital asset management system. Here all users can manage, organize and use the relevant media and assets directly in the articles. If customers already use a digital asset management system and would like to continue to use it, this can be integrated into the platform via an interface.


[Translate to eng:] Verwaltung der digitalen Bilder und Dateien

28. Keep track of stock levels

Not all articles and marketing measures that partners order first have to be individualized and specially produced. There are often stocks of general articles, such as advertising material (ballpoint pens, etc.) or office equipment, which only have to be ordered. With the inventory control system functionalities, stock items can be managed and stock levels can be called up directly. These stocks are updated immediately after receipt of an order and the shipping process is initiated fully automatically. This gives you an ideal overview of the goods in stock and possible bottlenecks in your company.

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