Measure success

Keep track of your partners' activities to investigate which marketing activities have been carried out and planned, and how satisfied your partners really are.

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Analysis and success monitoring

Always keep track of your partners' activities and know the most important key figures for future planning and evaluation of marketing projects. This enables you not only to measure the success of the measures, but also to compare the activity of the individual partners and to support the partners individually in their local marketing.


Overview of partner* activities

The analysis area of the Local Marketing Platform offers you a simple overview of all ordered and executed marketing measures and activities of the individual partners. This gives you a good overview of which campaigns and measures are particularly popular with partners and which are not. In this way, focal points emerge, to whose specifics you can react in the marketing center. In addition to the pure activities, you can also compare the expenditures and budgets of the individual partners and use the results as a basis for direct exchange with the partners.


Compare and analyze partner* activities

This collected information about partner* activity can then be used to compare individual partners, regions, or groups. This gives you a better understanding of which partners may need more support or marketing motivation and which partners are already marketing successfully. These can be rewarded, for example, by means of promotional allowances or discounts directly through the system.

Measure effectiveness of partner* marketing

To find out how effective the marketing of the individual partners really is, it helps to compare the marketing activities and the orders in the Local Marketing Platform with the sales and turnover figures of the individual partners. In doing so, you can determine whether the marketing measures have really been used effectively or whether there are other reasons why a partner* does little local marketing, for example. These findings are a good basis for planning future marketing as well as communication and promotion of the individual partners.



Partner* communication

Besides just understanding the numbers and the activities of the partners, it is also important to seek contact with the partners and give them the opportunity to voice your opinion and contribute ideas. This direct exchange can lead to new input in marketing planning and better cooperation between partners and headquarters.


In the Local Marketing Platform, you can use simple partner* surveys to immediately identify the problems and challenges of your partners and give them the opportunity to express wishes and suggestions. This calls for a more intensive collaboration between the corporate headquarters or the brand and the local partners. Since partners feel they are being heard and can openly voice their own opinions, they usually feel more valued and partner* satisfaction increases. In addition, you can offer appropriate support directly when challenges arise and avoid major problems.


The marketing and budget planner in the Local Marketing Platform helps to integrate the partners as well and comprehensively as possible in the marketing planning. Here, general marketing priorities and specifications can be created by the head office and forwarded to the partners. Each individual partner* then has the option of creating their own marketing plan for the coming months or the entire year based on the general specifications. Budget targets can also be stored via the planner and provide partners with a guideline for suitable marketing expenditure. This planning and the guidelines help partners to select the right marketing measures for local marketing and to successfully address their own customers.


In addition to indirect exchanges via surveys and marketing planning, you can also contact partners directly via the message center. Similar to an e-mail system, partners can send messages to you and you to your partners. In this way, you enable a particularly simple and open exchange and feedback culture. Your partners can tell you directly which measures were particularly well received and which special features they noticed in their exchanges with customers. This strengthens the partnership and communication between headquarters and partners and thus also the general corporate culture.


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