Upselling.X - targeted increase of your marketing activities

With the product "Upselling.X" you promote the activities of your partners with advertising cost subsidies or through automated marketing proposals via the marketing portal.

Upselling.X Increase marketing activities in the marketing portal

Overview of Upselling.X in your marketing portal

With the extension you support the marketing activities of your partners on the part of the head office: on the one hand via the targeted advertising of cross-selling articles in the sense of "people who bought it also bought..." and on the other hand via an extensive advertising cost subsidy system. As an advertising subsidy, you can allocate individual credits (a kind of virtual currency) to your partners. The credits can be used by your partners for individual orders and thus reduce their costs.

Features Upselling.X

  • Subsidies for advertising measures
  • Cross-selling for increasing order volume
  • Recommendation marketing for partners
  • Optional: Marketing / budget planner for campaigns / activities
  • Optional: Digital consultant for product recommendations

Subsidies may be granted for the separate advertising of individual articles or entire advertising measures. The marketing center can grant the partners credits for this, which they can in turn invest in advertising measures.

Various recommendation algorithms support the partners in booking and implementing advertising measures. On the basis of the order data, automated recommendations can be created that enable partners to up-sell.

All partners have a planning and budgeting view at their disposal, which they can use to plan their advertising activities for the entire year. In addition, the marketing department can use the system to make recommendations that can be viewed by all partners.

Would you like your partners to be able to fully exploit your company's marketing potential, at the same time position your brand more strongly locally or simply save time and money?

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Was ist ein Marketingportal?

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