Print.X - Have materials ready for each user case

With the Print.X module, you can offer your partners flexible individualization and personalization options for practically all print media - from simple business cards to comprehensive brochures.

Print.X - Have materials ready for each user case

Live editor

Customize and individualize print media: simply insert and edit images, text modules, graphics or your own contact data in the templates and use the configured media for your own marketing.

Live preview Print.X
Dynamic media scaling

Dynamic media scaling

Easily adapt templates to different output sizes: Cumbersome manual layout changes are no longer necessary. The new media or advertising material can be generated on demand and used within a very short time.

Forwarding or flip page version

Finished print pieces can be automatically forwarded to stored print providers for production. Alternatively, the print pieces can also be published directly as online or flip page versions.

Print.X forwarding or flip page version

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