Video.X - Template-based editing of videos

With the product "Video.X" you can create individualized videos such as image or product films with just a few clicks - supplemented by personal information.

Video.X Editing Videos in the Marketing Portal

Overview of Video.X in your marketing portal

The extension enables your partners to create their own or individual storyboards based on predefined videos. This includes centrally editable content that can be edited by your partners via the online editor. In addition, all videos can be extended by individual intros and outros.

Your partners can download the created videos directly via the marketing portal in different resolutions or forward them by e-mail. You decide whether the videos are to be shown in the cinema, on your own homepage, at trade fairs or on the TV in the shop window.

Features Video.X

  • Online Editor / Editing wizard for video media
  • Selection and editing of individual intros / outros
  • Production of video content
  • Optional: Price calculation & automated booking in the cinema network
  • Optional: Storyboards for the production of editable videos

Media overview Video.X

Explain videos ads web-to-print marketing portal Local Brand X Video.X

Explain videos

Using explanatory videos, you can communicate your products and services to your customers and partners in a simple way. Due to the versatile possibilities, videos offer a suitable platform for the easy and short presentation of complex contents. The increased attention that comes from the interplay of image and sound, videos also better in the memory than text.

Animations web-to-print marketing portal Local Brand X Online.X


Animations mean that complex contents can be explained simply, briefly and comprehensibly. They are suitable for explaining new products or raising awareness of your achievements. Animation videos are also suitable as content for your website and social media.

Commercials web-to-print marketing portal Local Brand X Video.X


A commercial offers you the opportunity to present your products and your company in more detail. The length of a commercial allows more attention to detail and more information. Advertising films can be communicated at trade fairs, in your office or online to customers and prospects.



Offer videos web-to-print marketing portal Local Brand X Video.X

Offer videos

An offer video is the best way to present a new product or campaign. The combination of image and sound keeps the product in better memory than through a print or online campaign.

Cinema spots web-to-print marketing portal Local Brand X Video.X

Cinema spots

With the help of cinema spots your target group can be discreetly addressed in their everyday life and made aware of your company. The spots can be used locally and nationally and are therefore interesting for smaller and regional companies.

Perfectly individualize your videos: Simply insert images or text modules into the templates, edit them and use the videos configured in this way specifically for your own marketing.

The head office defines which intro and outro variants are made available in the marketing portal. Your users can make their selection, simply fill the respective scenes with your content and create individual videos from it.

Once the video has been created, it can then be booked directly for electronic posters, store advertising or cinema advertising. Your partners receive the costs for your booking directly via the price calculation.

Would you like your partners to be able to fully exploit your company's marketing potential, at the same time position your brand more strongly locally or simply save time and money?

Then contact us today - we look forward to hearing from you.

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