Print.X - Template-based processing and booking of print products

With the product “Print.X" you offer your partners flexible individualization and personalization options for practically all print media - from simple business cards to comprehensive brochures.


Template-based editing via the marketing portal

Overview of Print.X in your marketing portal

The extension enables all partners of decentralized companies to create their own print media and use them for their marketing activities. Therefore the system uses flexible templates that correspond 100% to your corporate design. These templates can be easily individualized and personalized via an online editor - with images and text modules and, above all, with your own contact data.

For your central marketing department, this means one thing above all: relief. Many time-consuming coordination processes from media creation to distribution in the head office are no longer necessary and can instead be automatically transferred into the hands of your partners. This saves time and money, which your marketing department can invest much better in sales. In addition, our product covers all desired media and has a wide range of features that can be flexibly expanded at any time.

Features Print.X

  • Online editor / Editing assistant for print media
  • Proportional / Disproportional media scaling
  • Print data - download in different file formats/types
  • Print data - forwarding to any recipient
  • Print production by connected service providers
  • Series personalization of print media
  • Optional: Pricing & automated media booking for newspapers, magazines and regional advertising journals
  • Optional: Posting of unaddressed mail and household distributions

Media overview Print.X

Business equipment in the marketing portal

Business equipment

With business cards, printed envelopes, blocks and calendars you can leave a lasting impression with the customer. A personalized office equipment serves to be present in the everyday life of the interested parties.

Posters web-to-print marketing portal Local Brand X Print.X


The classic among print products is ideal for attracting the attention of the beholder. Whether indoors or outdoors, posters offer the opportunity to refer to a product, an action or an event and to address as many people as possible.

Advertising Materials web-to-print marketing portal Local Brand X Print.X

Advertising material

With the help of advertising material, you can pass on your messages in the form of a product to your customers. Due to the large selection of flyers, labels, stickers or brochures, you can use advertising material prepared for every occasion and every type of customer.

Web-to-print articles via the marketing portal


Flyers are the perfect way to bring your business and products to the public. At events or fairs, they offer a good opportunity to give all important information directly into your hand and to stay in the memory.

Brochures web-to-print marketing portal Local Brand X Print.X


A brochure offers enough space to provide detailed information about your products and services. Due to the handy format, they can be used not only in the daily business, but also at trade fairs and events.


Mailings web-to-print marketing portal Local Brand X Print.X


Address your customers with a personalized mailing. Personal address will increase your awareness and strengthen the personal relationship between you and your customers and partners.

Ads in the marketing portal


Ads offer you the opportunity to place your product or a specific action as best as possible in a print product. Through direct duplication, you can reach a large number of customers and set your own target audience.

Flyer Web-to-Print marketing portal Local Brand X Print.X


Leaflets are a simple but effective way to point out current actions. Due to the handy size and the simple design, a great advertising success can be achieved with little effort.

Customize and personalize print media: Simply insert images, text modules, graphics and your own contact data into the templates, edit them and use the media configured in this way specifically for your own marketing.

Easily adapt templates to different output sizes: No more cumbersome manual layout changes. A typical previous source of error is eliminated. The new media or advertising media can be generated "on demand" and used within a very short time.

Automatically distribute finished print media to stored service providers or directly book ads in the media of your choice.

Would you like your partners to be able to fully exploit your company's marketing potential, at the same time position your brand more strongly locally or simply save time and money?

Then contact us today - we look forward to hearing from you.

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