Outdoor.X - Template-based editing of outdoor advertising

With the product "Outdoor.X" you can create simple
out-of-home media as well as subsequent
direct booking of areas.

Outdoor.X Editing your outdoor advertising in the marketing portal

Overview of Outdoor.X in your marketing portal

The perfect product for optimizing outdoor advertising: your partners create and book their individual large-scale posters, megalights or citylights via the marketing portal. To do this, you individualize your poster with just a few clicks using the online editor. In the next step, your partners select the desired date and location online and receive a price quotation directly. Via the rental item management you can provide additional items that your partner network can book.

Features Outdoor.X

  • Online editor / Editing assistant for outdoor media
  • Management of rental and loan items including availability display
  • Price calculation & automated booking of vehicle graphics
  • Optional: Price calculation & automated booking of large areas
  • Optional: Price calculation & automated booking of digital advertising space

Media overview Outdoor.X

Large format web-to-print marketing portal Local Brand X Outdoor.X

Large format

In order to attract as many people as possible to a large event or the latest promotions and get attention, a poster on a large area is ideal. On the roadside or on busy squares you can reach a large number of different people. In addition, the advertising, by selecting the location, can be ideally adapted to a region.

Mega and citylights web-to-print marketing portal Local Brand X Outdoor.X

Mega and citylight

Backlit posters are among the biggest eye-catchers in outdoor advertising. Both at daytime and at night the brightly lit posters attract the highest attention. With the design of the mega and city lights there are hardly any limits and large format pictures, succinct texts or bright colors are particularly effective for your target group. Thanks to a glass pane, they are always optimally protected against the effects of the weather and damage of all kinds.

Transportation advertising web-to-print marketing portal Local Brand X Outdoor.X

Transport advertising

Transportation advertising on trams, buses or taxis is a good marketing platform due to the direct proximity to the target group. Due to the increased and repeated chances of contact the advertisement remains in the memory and arouses interest in the product. Transportation advertising is particularly good for attracting attention to your business and related products and services.

Infoscreen web-to-print marketing portal Local Brand X Outdoor.X


Switching displays on infoscreens combines the great attention of outdoor advertising with the flexibility of the digital. Infoscreens allow you to adjust the display according to the time of the advertisement and the location of the screen. You can publish image, text and video content as you like.



Vehicle signage web-to-print marketing portal Local Brand X Outdoor.X

Vehicle signage

Vehicle labels with your company content carry your information on the road. By attaching to your own company car, a uniform, professional appearance can be conveyed. In addition, by driving the vehicle, the company can make known nationwide.



Trade fair material web-to-print marketing portal Local Brand X Outdoor.X

Exhibition material

Exhibiting at a trade fair provides a successful presentation platform to present your company in the best light. The associated exhibition stand and decorative elements such as beach flags attract as much attention as possible to interested parties and potential customers and partners.

General points web-to-print marketing portal Local Brand X Outdoor.X

General points

General points are in the digitized, modern world an almost nostalgic advertising medium, which still has a clear influence on the cityscape of the big cities. Due to the prominent placement and the widespread distribution, the advertising can not only be on the doorstep of the customer, but accompany him to work and leisure. This creates many points of contact and a higher memory value.

Digital displays web-to-print marketing portal Local Brand X Outdoor.X

Digital displays

Due to the ever-increasing digitization, posters are increasingly being replaced by digital displays and animated advertising. These displays can be flexibly recorded with your content, such as pictures, videos and animations, making them easier to spot than a printed ad. The placement in shopping streets, at busy squares and train stations can reach many different target groups.

Showcase advertising web-to-print marketing portal Local Brand X Outdoor.X

Showcase advertisement

The shop window is the figurehead of an office or shop room. Shop window advertising allows your company and your products and services to be embodied at a glance. A successful window dressing and decoration ensures that the people who walk past your window daily get a lasting impression of your business.

Personalize and individualize out-of-home media in a tailor-made way: Simply insert images, text modules, graphics and your own contact data into the templates, edit them and use the media configured in this way specifically for your own marketing.

All created posters can - after the individualization - be downloaded directly or forwarded to any recipient. The recipient receives a link to download the data directly.

The optional connection to a booking system means that out-of-home media can be booked directly after individualization. The user can select selection criteria (location, radius, etc.) and occupy the desired areas with just a few clicks.

Would you like your partners to be able to fully exploit your company's marketing potential, at the same time position your brand more strongly locally or simply save time and money?

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