Audio.X - Template-based editing of audio files

With the product "Audio.X" you create individualized audio files for every need.

Audio.X Editing audio files in the marketing portal

Overview of Audio.X in your marketing portal

The extension enables your partners to create their own or individual audio files based on predefined audio files. This includes centrally editable content, which can be edited by your partners via the online editor. If individual audio recordings are required, they are forwarded to the recording studio via the marketing portal. As soon as the data is available, the partner is automatically informed. If individual recordings are already available, the audio files are generated "on demand".

Your partners can download the audio files directly from the marketing portal or forward them by e-mail. You decide whether an audio file should run on the radio, supermarket or as a telephone loop.

Features Audio.X

  • Online Editor / Audio media editing wizard
  • Selection and editing of individual intros / outros
  • Storyboards for the production of editable audios
  • Optional: Price calculation & automated booking in the radio network
  • Optional: Production of audio content

Media overview Audio.X

Radio spots videos advertisements web-to-print marketing portal Local Brand X Audio.X

Radio spots

Since the radio program is usually used as a support medium, a radio commercial offers the opportunity to reach potential customers easily and relatively inexpensively in their everyday lives. Due to the relaxed atmosphere and the entertaining program, commercials are perceived as less disturbing and therefore better remembered.

Explaining videos web-to-Print marketing portal Local Brand X Audio.X

Explanatory audios

In comparison to texts, audios offer the clear advantage that a sense of closeness and personality can be conveyed through the voice and a much higher level of awareness is created. This makes Audios a suitable medium to provide explanations about your company and products.

Telephone announcements web-to-print marketing portal Local Brand X Audio.X

Telephone announcements

The telephone announcement can be the first personal contact a potential customer has with your company after he has already decided to contact you. Through a friendly and personalized message, the image of the company can be significantly strengthened.

Your partners are guided step by step through the individualization process with the help of the online editor. Based on predefined templates, they can edit individual audios online. Your partners receive an individual live preview at any time.

The audio production is carried out by a connected service partner, who speaks in the individual texts and makes them available fully automatically in the system. The audio file can then be downloaded directly or forwarded to any recipient.

Once the audio has been created, it can then be booked directly at the local radio station. You will receive the costs for your booking directly via the price calculation.

Would you like your partners to be able to fully exploit your company's marketing potential, at the same time position your brand more strongly locally or simply save time and money?

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