Marketing portal services support


If you do not know what else to do then we have
always listening and support you in the
Implementation of your requirements.

Tailored support solutions

We also see it as our natural task to train you as a marketing portal specialist. This is done with the help of a well-designed training program. If you need support, we can also help you with individual questions about the use of the portal with our 1st and 2nd level support.

Marketing portal support
1st and 2nd level support

Our support team helps your partners with all questions concerning the marketing portal. It is directly available during regular working hours and advises you on all challenges. Support requests can be made in writing or by telephone.

Marketing portal trainings

So that your specialist departments also become marketing portal specialists, we train your employees comprehensively. Whether user or administrator training - the training is individually adapted to the needs of your employees.

Marketing portal content management
Content management

We are happy to support you with the content maintenance in your marketing portal. In addition to importing new user lists or updating rights and role concepts, we can also help you to add new articles.

Marketing portal reporting

The marketing portal offers you standard reports that can be called up by the specialist department and used to monitor success. These reports can be extended and enriched with any meta-information through adaptations.

Marketing portal advertising consulting
Advertising consulting

If your partners do not know which advertising option is best for your requirements, our consulting team will help you. Depending on your requirements, budget and target group, they will recommend the most effective use of advertising media in compliance with the required framework conditions.