The search for the right web-to-print system

The search for the right web-to-print system

Even if current marketing trends mostly only speak in front of social media, Google and SEO, the everyday life of most companies looks very different. Digital advertising media are still being implemented, but the printed ones are not disappearing from the scene. Flyers, business cards or brochures still represent a very important information carrier today, which can be handed over to customers and taken home with them, thus reminding them of the company in the long term. However, creating and producing these printed matter is comparatively complex and especially a challenge for companies with many different sales and sales partners. In order to make a uniform, but individually customized print for each partner possible, companies usually rely on a web-to-print system. This shop software offers digitally the possibility to simplify the processing and creation of the advertising material and to process it transparently. This guarantees a consistently high quality of the individual local advertising measures. In a web-to-print portal, the advertising-relevant data is processed centrally and production is carried out directly and easily, so the entire creation process takes place in a central shop system.

Functions of a web-to-print portal

A web-to-print portal offers versatile functions that can significantly simplify the workflow in local marketing. The company creates central templates (digitally editable templates) for marketing in order to release them in the shop system for the partners. They can now digitally fill the material for their local marketing with their personal contact details and adapt them for local customers, which results in individual printed matter that, despite the adjustments, meets all the requirements for the company's general corporate design. By creating printed matter directly within the web-to-print portal, the products can be forwarded directly to external service providers and print shops and the printing can be carried out. This link to our own service providers enables a particularly fast and effective way of working in the production of print solutions. In addition to the processing of advertising material, web-to-print shop software, through integrated CRM and DAM systems, offers the possibility of simply accessing all the data and media required and also improving the production workflow.

Additional release flows can be integrated to ensure that all changes correspond to the ideas and design of the central marketing. Each company decides whether the created advertising material should be checked and released again in the web-to-print shop, or whether it can be produced directly after the order. In addition to approvals by the head office, the individual partners are given the opportunity to digitally check their products for correctness and the desired design by using preview functions and checking print files. To make approvals as quick and effective as possible, these shops are web-based and can therefore be used online and from any location.

Find the right web-to-print shop software

In order to select the right web-to-print shop software, it is important to take a close look at various systems and to be clear about your own requirements. This works best if the entire process of creating advertising materials in local marketing is broken down into sub-steps and these are examined in more detail. Ideally, this can be combined with accompanying process costing to see exactly where the web-to-print system can provide financial support, not only in terms of the time spent. (You can find more information on process costing here.)

This detailed analysis of your own processes and wishes results in the requirements that the Web to Print Portal should meet and on the basis of which the various providers can be evaluated and selected. A checklist for selecting a web-to-print system can also be used for this (here). To ensure that the right choice is made, it is also advisable to test the selected web-to-print system and to evaluate the user-friendliness. Many partners will use this shop system and should ideally be able to use it intuitively without lengthy training situations. In addition to the user interface, it is also important to analyze the system structure. Web-to-print shops with an open system structure are particularly recommended, as service providers and other systems (such as DAM, CRM, etc.) can be integrated without any problems. Another advantage is to choose a web-to-print system that can be expanded in the future with additional functions, so that more can be gradually invested in the system as soon as the first positive effects can be recognized. Shops that can be accessed online in many cases also offer more flexible solutions for local partner marketing. In general, however, the choice of the right web-to-print portal depends on the structure, working methods and marketing activities of your own company and local partners.


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