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With a newsletter, you can get straight to the mailbox of your potential customers with just one click. You can reach prospective customers at work, at home and even on the go on their smartphones and thus directly penetrate people's everyday lives. This modern and digital form of post mailing enables customers to be quickly and directly informed about new promotions or specific products and innovations. However, to ensure that the newsletter is read and not directly moved to the trash, it helps to address and select the content individually and as personally as possible.

To make it possible for your local partners to provide their own customers with regional offers and news, the Local Brand X Newsletter module offers a suitable platform. Using templates, your partners can create and send newsletters for the branch, their products and general signatures for company e-mails here.

Low wastage

Newsletter marketing offers several advantages to other online marketing strategies, which are mainly due to the fact that the recipients of the newsletter have deliberately decided to receive it. This means that there is hardly any wastage in newsletter marketing and the content ends up with the right people. This also results in a significantly higher return on investment (ROI) than, for example, in online marketing through banner advertising. This happens above all because the addressees automatically have an interest in the company and the products. On the other hand, it is because newsletter marketing is a comparatively cheap advertising medium. By eliminating printing and shipping costs, it is significantly cheaper, especially compared to physical mailing.

Direct and interactive

Not only the price, but also the time advantage makes newsletters significantly more attractive than their printed counterparts. Thanks to the direct, digital delivery, the content can be sent to customers' mailboxes within a few seconds. It also offers the opportunity to address customers personally and send targeted advertising based on their interests and purchases already made. In addition, the digital form enables direct exchange with customers. Further links, competitions and surveys can enable interaction and feedback from the addressees.

Local newsletter marketing

In order to use newsletter marketing particularly effectively, it is advisable not only to send central emails to all customers, but also to address them as individually as possible. This is not only done by subdivision into areas of interest or customer groups, but also through local subdivision. This means that newsletters are becoming increasingly important in local marketing. The Local Brand X newsletter module offers the ideal support to give local sales partners the opportunity to effectively do newsletter marketing. Templates and suggestions for mailings to the partners can be disseminated. They can enter their local offers and content and complete the newsletter directly in the system. Thanks to the live preview and the possibility of a trial mailing, nothing stands in the way of direct delivery to the local customer base. This means that your local partners can send individual newsletters without having to worry about the design and corporate identity.

Does that sound interesting to you? Contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

Marketing Portal Local Brand X Simon Hofbauer
Simon Hofbauer

Head of Customer Success, Authorized Signatory

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