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Defy cross-media challenges with web-to-publish

The times when it was enough to only do offline marketing and distribute printed information material at events are a thing of the past. The print area should not be neglected completely, since it still offers a good solution for establishing physical contact with customers. The media world today is very cross-media. Customers no longer only receive targeted information about print, but are showered with information about new products and companies in all situations. Potential buyers can be reached in many different ways just on the way to work. Be it on the large-format poster next to the stop, the info screen in the subway or through social media and websites on the smartphone. To make this online strategy also possible for local partners, web to publish systems are available.

What is web-to-publish?

The management of all these media channels in order to convey a uniform image of the brand can become a major challenge, especially in decentralized marketing. Web to publish systems combine the production of marketing material directly with the advertising media control to sales and sales partners. In this way, the advertising material can be created, adjusted and distributed directly in the next step. By integrating different partners, print products can be created and printed in the same way (classic web-to-print), as can digital advertisements and social media posts. By merging all offline and online advertising measures into one system, web-to-publish offers a good basis for communicating uniformly across all channels and managing advertising media in one

Advantages of web-to-publish systems

Most Web to Publish systems are designed to personalize the documents and advertising material and to adapt the brand to your everyday life. This approach is perfect for the management of decentralized marketing strategies in which individual local partners want to point out their products and address customers without losing sight of the corporate identity of the brand. The systems offer the possibility of centrally controlling which content of the material can be personalized and individualized. It does not matter whether it is a brochure or a social media post. Another important point is checking the data. Consolidation in one system can also make it possible for the content to be checked again before it can finally be published or printed.

  • Easy maintenance of corporate identity
  • Central management via templates
  • Individual adaptation depending on the partner and target group
  • Integrated audit data check
  • Direct completion and publishing of the advertising material

How does a web-to-publish system work?

Web-to-Publish Select icon

1. Select advertising material

Not only in print, also online and digital, marketing offers many different solutions to draw attention to your brand. So the first step is to choose the right advertising medium. Here, classic web-to-print products, digital advertisements, out-of-home products, but also advertisements on social media as well as video and audio productions in the shop can be selected.

Web-to-Publish Edit icon

2. Individualize templates

Thanks to the template-based method of working, the partner can edit the print or online advertising material directly in the shop according to individual and local needs. Thus, the templates in the company can also be used ideally for local and decentralized marketing. This means that the advertising material can be ideally tailored to the customer at any location.

Web-to-Publish Publish icon

3. Publish advertising material

In the next step, the created advertising material can be transported directly to the end customer via the web-to-publish system. The company no longer has to worry about implementation once the orders have been placed. Through direct contact with the service providers, it can also be ensured afterwards that the publishing is carried out entirely according to your own wishes.

Web-to-Publish Analyze icon

4. Analyze results

The integrated analyzes also make it possible to analyze which advertising material was published, when, and how the budget was distributed, even after publishing. This enables each partner to keep an overview of the various advertising measures and to work out the best possible solutions for the future. Based on this data, new marketing campaigns can be planned and carried out afterwards.

Integration into your own system

In order to use the web publishing system ideally, there are many possible ways to change the program in your own software structures. In this way, databases such as digital asset management (DAM) or CRM systems can become direct. In the ideal case, the data becomes direct and does not have to be imported again for every advertising medium. In addition, the web-to-publish system can be combined with other personal approaches, such as another shop, in order to combine all marketing-relevant settings on one platform and to belong to a reasonable workflow.

What software solutions are there?

Buy software

When purchasing software, the license of the program is acquired once. After that, it is owned by the company and can be installed on various local computers or on its own server. Often, the software can be customized once to the special needs and wishes of the company and the brand. However, extensions and updates must be purchased again.

Get Software as a Service (SaaS)

In comparison, there is the possibility to obtain the system via cloud solutions (software-as-a-service). The program is purchased as a web application and users only have access to the system. This software is not even purchased, but is rented monthly via a subscription system. Thus, users must always have an active Internet connection, but the system is constantly updated and developed and is still up-to-date and efficient even after a certain period of use.

Integrated in a marketing portal

In addition to the direct purchase of Web to Publish systems, there is the possibility to invest in a complete marketing portal. Not only are web materials created and produced for the digital and online world, but also classic web-to-print products or video and audio content. The marketing portal offers the solution to connect all marketing areas on one system and thus work as efficiently as possible. Here, too, you can buy the software or purchase it as a web application.

Overview of the most common questions

In addition to the classic web-to-print technology, web-to-publish is an option for simple customization of marketing materials. For this purpose, templates are created in the system, which can be changed and supplemented by the users in the editor. This technology offers the possibility to edit marketing materials (advertisements, videos, out-of-home products, etc.) online and to publish them directly or to go to print through the connected service providers. Any advertising material can be provided in just one portal, which can be customized and ordered by employees and sales partners.

All advertising material provided by the company can be created via a web-to-publish system. There are no limits to the selection. Online advertising media (social media, banner advertising, ads, etc.) can be created in the editor as well as printed materials (flyers, postcards, posters, etc.), outdoor advertising and digital content such as audio and video productions.

A web-to-publish system is particularly interesting for companies that want to create individual, but uniform (CD-compliant) advertising media. It is particularly suitable for decentrally organized company forms or companies with many individual sales and sales partners who require standardized marketing materials.

The cost of a web-to-publish system depends on the number of users. The costs are made up of the general hosting, maintenance and further development of the system. If you are interested, please contact us and we will send you our individual prices.

48 hours are enough to use the basic system. Interfaces to service providers, CRM and DAM systems can then be integrated and special requests can be programmed. After the deployment, you can start creating and maintaining templates and articles.

What individual costs you save in your company can only be determined through process cost accounting. In our white paper and with our help, you can see how to analyze processes and compare costs. In general, costs can be saved through the template-based creation of advertising materials and working hours for coordination processes and approvals.

A web-to-publish system and a marketing portal have many parallels. Marketing materials for various forms of advertising can be created on both platforms (unlike in a web-to-print system). The web-to-publish system, however, only concentrates on the pure creation of advertising material and the coordination of this. A marketing portal, on the other hand, can also integrate areas for budget planning, analysis and a brand center.

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