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Marketing Resource Management

Everything under one roof - Marketing Resource Management

Regardless of whether it is a small company or a large brand, getting all marketing activities under one roof and performing them effectively can be a particular challenge in the company. This is particularly difficult when different groups of people are involved in marketing or when the company operates in different locations. A marketing resource management solution helps to bundle all marketing activities and activities and to work together, in a digital place, on the best possible marketing success.

What is Marketing Resource Management?

Marketing Resource Management, MRM for short, is software that combines all marketing tasks. All data, processes and creative ideas are bundled here so that they can be used successfully together. The various areas that are used begin with the planning and budgeting of the marketing campaign and the practical implementation, but also include the creative process and the digital asset management required. In addition, the various resources can be coordinated and subsequently measured in terms of success.

The subareas in Marketing Resource Management

The MRM thus offers significantly more functionality than a classic Web to Print or Web to Publish system. Here not only content is distributed and offered in shops, but the complete workflow of the marketing process is combined. This means that employees and partners can access all relevant information and processes in one system. Marketing Resource Management thus offers the opportunity to bring the brand digitally closer together. To ensure this, Marketing Resource Management combines different functions.

[Translate to eng:] Marketing Resource Management Planung von Budget und Kampagnen

Planning of budget and campaigns

The MRM offers the possibility to collect the complete, company-wide planning and implementation of the campaigns in a central location. In this planning area you will find information on chronological processes, individual steps and priorities. In addition, not only the content but also the budget can be planned more precisely. The integrated performance overview shows how much of what was planned and what budget was spent on it.

[Translate to eng:] Marketing Resource Management Content Creation Management

Content creation management

The area of ​​content creation, i.e. the creation of marketing content and advertising material, is the creative area of ​​marketing resource management. This is where the advertising materials ultimately used are created and adapted to local and individual needs. Depending on the company's settings, it can be designed completely freely or it can be based on templates. Based on the settings, the corporate identity of the brand is preserved at all times and guaranteed by possible release loops.

[Translate to eng:] Marketing Resource Management Digital Asset Management

Digital asset management (DAM)

In order to be able to design the advertising material as individually as possible, different contents, images or graphics are required by the different branches. These can be released and shared by the head office via digital asset management (DAM). The database that is shared here contains all digital content, such as images, videos, audios, presentations or documents, which could be of importance to the employees. This enables uniform and regulated access to an accessible platform.

[Translate to eng:] Marketing Resource Management Brandportal

Brand portal

Another aspect of an MRM is the integrated fbrand portal. All information about the corporate identity and corporate design of the company is collected and made accessible here. Employees can thus find out everything about the fonts, colors and logos used at a glance. This leads to a uniform brand appearance, which can lead to a strong brand perception in the long term. To make it easier to use these specifications, ready-made templates can be created that have already been checked on the CD and used without approval.

[Translate to eng:] Marketing Resource Management Verbreitung der Kampagnen

Spreading the campaigns

Marketing resource management offers the opportunity to ensure that this content is ultimately used in the best possible way and in accordance with the guidelines. The sales and sales partners can access the MRM system, individualize and personalize the advertising material and order directly. This offers the opportunity to work in many locations and skillfully use the knowledge of others for his own marketing.

Reasons for a Marketing Resource Management System

Generally speaking, the use of a Marketing Resource Management (MRM) system saves valuable resources. Above all, this saves time that is used for agreements, the coordination and the forwarding of content. Saved time also saves costs, which can generally contribute to a more productive workflow. The focus can therefore be entirely on the targeted planning and implementation of marketing, and more time can generally be spent on creative development and implementation.

  • Resource-saving work
  • Coordination of content and tasks
  • Time and cost savings
  • Focus on essential work steps
  • Detailed planning
  • Distribution to sales and sales partners

Who is Marketing Resource Management for?

In fact, an MRM system is not only worthwhile for large companies and groups, any company in which different groups of people or locations are involved in the implementation of marketing can benefit from the functions of marketing resource management. Above all, this simplifies the division of tasks and digital asset management if the marketing is not only carried out and planned by the central marketing department, but also other parties (e.g. agencies) are involved in the execution. Larger spatial distances can also be a reason to opt for an MRM.

Sectors in which the software is used meaningfully are, for example:

  • Insurance
  • Banking
  • Franchise
  • Trade
  • Automobile
  • Travel
  • Associations and non-profits
  • Gastronomy
  • Hotel industry
  • Healthcare

Advantages of marketing resource management software

Marketing Resource Management Daily management in the marketing portal

1. Daily management

Online access to the various content and data means that the latest versions of advertising media can be accessed in real time.

Marketing Resource Management Working regardless of location

2. Working regardless of location

The software solution offers the possibility to access the marketing resources from different locations worldwide. This leads to a particularly flexible workflow.

Marketing Resource Management Bundling information

3. Bundling information

No matter what content, which data or facts should be retrieved in relation to marketing. They are all digital and bundled in one place and can be reached with just a few clicks.

Marketing Resource Management Uniform marketing communication

4. Uniform marketing communication

Thanks to the bundled templates and data, communication across locations can be carried out uniformly and true to the corporate design. This creates a consistent brand image for end customers.

What options are there for marketing resource management software to acquire?

License-based model

With a one-time purchase of an MMR solution, a larger sum is invested in the ownership of the software. This enables the provider to tailor the product individually to the brand and needs. In addition, training courses are usually offered for headquarters and employees to purchase the software, which means that the program can be integrated as effectively as possible into the workflow. Updates can be regularly integrated into the software by the provider via an annual maintenance contract.

Software as a service

With the SaaS cloud programs, software is made available online in a web application. Employees can access all functions of the MRM solution with their own access data. This happens regardless of location and can be called from any device. In comparison to license-based products, a one-off, usually high sum does not have to be invested, but a monthly contribution for the use of the software is estimated. In most cases, this means that the latest version of the software can be obtained at any time and the provider constantly develops and updates it. However, all employees need a permanent and high-quality internet connection to be able to work effectively.


Overview of the most common questions

Marketing Resource Management (short: MRM) is a platform on which all relevant marketing areas can be managed. On the one hand, templates for individual marketing materials can be provided, edited and ordered directly. Budget and campaign planning are also carried out, and media (digital assets) and brand information (corporate design, logo, etc.) can be accessed. All sub-areas and coordination processes of complete marketing are thus combined in one system.

A wide range of advertising materials and marketing measures can be made available in an MRM system. The company decides which templates its users have access to and to what extent they can be changed and individualized. There are no limits to the choice of articles. Advertising media for online marketing (social media, ads, banners, etc.), the print area (flyers, brochures, posters, etc.), out-of-home measures (large-format posters, city and mega- Lights etc.) as well as video and audio projects.

Marketing resource management is particularly relevant for larger corporate structures and companies with several sales and sales partners. An MRM system supports the entire marketing process, from the production, distribution and evaluation of marketing materials.

The costs, which include hosting, maintenance and also the continuous development of the Marketing Resource Management System, depend on the number of users. Please send us a non-binding inquiry to find out the costs for your company.

48 hours are sufficient to provide the basic system. Then further functions such as additional developments (personal wishes) or interfaces to other systems such as a DAM or CRM system and to the service providers (printers, etc.) can be implemented. After that, customers can manage their articles and templates themselves and communicate with users.

The use of an MRM system generally saves costs in the production of advertising material, but also the working time required for coordination and coordination with employees or partners. A process cost calculation can be used to determine how much savings your company will save. Please feel free to use our white paper or contact us directly.

A marketing resource management system combines all areas of the marketing process. Unlike web-to-print and web-to-publish systems, it is not only possible to produce (printed) advertising media here, but also to carry out planning processes and share brand information. This means that all marketing content is on a single platform that all partners and employees have access to.