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Strengthen your brand with a brand portal and say goodbye to complicated coordination processes.

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What is a brand portal?

A brand portal is a central platform (online) on which all relevant brand information can be found in one account. Different users - employees from different departments, agencies, service providers, branches - can access the brand-relevant information at the same time in their personal account and continue to work with it. The centralization and bundling of information make coordination processes leaner or obsolete, and a large part of the communication between the different users takes place via the brand portal. This makes the brand portal a focal point for managing your brand. A brand portal, also called a brand management portal, can be tailored to the needs of your brand and paves the way for a convincing, strong brand presence with your customers.

Patterns corporate design in the brand portal

Why is a brand portal important for your brand?

Every company benefits differently from a brand portal depending on its special needs. Nevertheless, there are certain advantages that every brand portal has and that improve the work processes in your company. The brand portal makes it possible to optimize coordination processes both within the company and with external service providers and agencies and to clarify or prevent questions directly. In a brand portal, all users can find the relevant content, such as graphics, the logo or fonts, easily accessible and in a bundled form. In addition, it is possible to work together on documents at the same time through the brand portal. The reuse of patterns and templates ensures greater efficiency and cost savings in local marketing, as well as ideal adaptation to regional customers.

The 5 biggest advantages of brand portal solutions

Brand portal solutions facilitate many processes in large companies and bring many advantages. What are the greatest advantages for your company?

  • Provision of all information about your brand
  • 25% time saving when searching for media
  • Reusability of individual corporate design modules (templates, logo, fonts, assets)
  • Improved coordination processes via the brand portal
  • Integration of your external service providers into internal coordination processes

Overview of essential components

Corporate design manual
Probably the most relevant component that a brand portal brings with it is the function of a corporate design manual. All relevant design information can be found here and any questions can be answered directly. A style guide provides information on fonts, colors and logos. In addition, users gain insights into the company's brand philosophy and can access patterns for Java, HTML or CSS. Central linchpin for defining your brand with the digital advantages of directly reusing individual elements of the corporate design manual.

Media library / download center
A wide variety of files can be stored in the media library (also: digital asset management), which contains a brand portal: images, text documents, but also image films, former campaigns or templates. The media can be downloaded directly from one account in the brand portal and can also be easily converted into various file formats via the brand portal.

In a brand portal, the different workspaces can access the stored documents together, digitally and at the same time, and continue working on them. But not only within the company does the brand portal become the interface between the different workspaces: the coordination of concepts and the clarification of open questions with external agencies and service providers can also take place directly via the portal's platform.

Which target groups does a brand portal serve?

A brand portal is well received in numerous industries and can facilitate the coordination processes in a wide variety of companies. Especially decentralized companies with external branches and many external agencies or an international orientation benefit from the advantages that a brand portal brings with it.

  • Insurances
  • Banks
  • Franchise
  • Retail
  • Automobile
  • Travel
  • Clubs and associations
  • Gastronomy
  • Hotel industry
  • Healthcare

Optimize coordination processes with the portal

A brand portal facilitates the coordination processes between the various interfaces of your brand, as it serves as a central location for providing media and digitally bundles all brand-relevant information in one account. Not only the departments within the company benefit from this function of the brand management portal, but also external agencies and service providers, as the communication processes are streamlined. Agreements are made directly via the brand portal and all those involved can access the relevant information on a daily basis and contact each other.

What is the difference between a brand portal and a marketing portal?

The terms brand portal and marketing portal are closely related. Nevertheless, the different portals are characterized by different focal points that shape the work with them. A brand portal is primarily a platform on which partners, branches or service providers who are not involved in the daily work processes within the company can obtain information. In addition, a brand portal optimizes the coordination processes between the individual parties through collaborative work models. In contrast, a marketing portal mainly serves to provide different marketing campaigns, which can be adapted by the partners through individualization options.

Current trends with a brand portal

Brand portal trends

With the workspaces you can work on documents together with other users within the portal and improve your coordination processes, e.g. B. optimize with agencies.

Brand portal trends

Individual print, design and web templates are stored in the brand portal so that they can be reused by other users and adapted to their own customers without great effort.

Brand portal trends

Single sign-on or the integration of existing media databases are becoming more and more popular.

Which cost models are offered?

If you have a larger budget, it is worth investing in the purchase of a brand portal. In this way, the features of a brand portal can be tailored precisely to the needs of the company. In addition, many brand portal providers offer free training for employees and partners with a purchase so that the brand portal can be used optimally.

Rent (SaaS)
For companies that have a smaller budget or want to test the benefits of working with a brand portal first, brand portals are made available by some providers in the rental model. For a monthly fee it is possible to use the brand portal as a platform online. However, with this cost model, training usually has to be borne by the company itself.

What is the right solution for your company?

Brand portal solutions can be individually designed to optimally meet the needs of your company.

Individual media download in the brand portal

Media Download and Media Conversion

Using an integrated digital asset management, your users can download individual files, their logo, images and graphics and convert compatible files into different formats and resolutions if necessary, e.g. B. Videos in MP4, FLV, etc. or images in JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.

Corporate Design Patterns

The corporate design patterns are individual components of your corporate design e.g. B. The CSS and JavaScript definition for the buttons or navigation on your website. Agencies can use these patterns in their daily work.

Corporate design patterns brand portal
Workspaces im brand portal


With Workspaces, your employees and external service providers work together on a wide variety of documents or concepts directly via the brand portal. The coordination processes run directly via the brand portal.

Which user groups access a brand portal?

Marketing department
The employees in marketing obtain information from the brand portal that relates to advertising and marketing and is necessary for creating campaigns in marketing.

Agencies and service providers
Agencies and service providers use the brand portal to use the information stored there for marketing campaigns. Furthermore, concepts can be coordinated with the marketing department via the portal so that the marketing campaigns are convincing.

Partners, branches and branches
Agencies and service providers use the brand portal to use the information stored there for marketing campaigns. Furthermore, concepts can be coordinated with the responsible persons in marketing via the portal, so that the campaigns for marketing are convincing.

A brand portal can greatly simplify access to internal media from partners, in branches and in branches. If necessary, media can be downloaded and converted into different file formats directly in the brand portal. These can be used to create PowerPoint presentations or press releases.

Overview of the most common questions

A brand portal is an online platform on which all information about your brand is compiled and can be accessed by every employee, sales and marketing partner or external service provider (e.g. agencies). The users of the different departments or locations can access information about the corporate design (fonts, layouts, etc.), media (images, videos, graphics) and templates online. These can be downloaded from any location and used for your own project. With the brand portal you can give your partners the necessary resources to work on a convincing and strong brand presence.

A brand portal offers versatile functions to support your employees and partners. All central brand information can be found here in one place. On the one hand, this includes the corporate design manual, which provides information on the correct use of logos, fonts and the general brand philosophy. On the other hand, the platform also offers the option of making various media available for download and offering workspaces in which users can work on templates and documents. Internal and external coordination processes (e.g. with service providers) can also be carried out via the brand portal.

A brand portal makes sense for any company that is supposed to convey the brand image to the outside world. A uniform, digital platform is particularly advantageous for companies with a large number of employees and external service providers (e.g. agencies).

The price of a brand portal depends on the number of users. In our web-based brand portal (Software-as-a-Service), the price includes hosting, maintenance and continuous further development of the portal. Feel free to contact us without obligation to find out your individual prices.

Setting up the basic system usually only takes 48 hours. Then (if necessary) internal interfaces to your media databases or external service providers can be integrated and programmed. Individual adjustments and extensions can also be built in. You can then enter and manage content and templates yourself.

A brand portal (also: brand portal) is very similar to the system of a marketing portal. However, the focus of the individual systems is different. The brand portal mainly focuses on providing brand information for employees or partners. In the system, users can find out about work processes and guidelines (e.g. on corporate design). The marketing portal, on the other hand, is mainly used to create marketing materials and campaigns. However, the two functions can be combined in one portal if required.

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Was ist ein Marketingportal?

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