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Glossary – Web-to-Print

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The use of web-to-print software makes personalized print products possible without much work. With the help of standardized processes, it is possible to make individualizations without previous knowledge. This is done by enriching already existing templates with own pictures and texts.

Web-to-print platforms with templates for a variety of print products simplify the production of print products, especially in companies. Inside the company, certain templates are created that correspond to the corporate identity or that carry the logo at a certain point. Different departments can customize the templates and save time because no new layout needs to be worked out. Small changes to print products can be made through a web-to-print platform without any problems, even if the team member in question did not previously participate in the print production. In addition, layouts stored in the system facilitate the re-production and make this possible with just a few clicks.

The implementation of a web-to-print system ensures more productive communication between the company and the print shop, since incorrect or missing print data can be systematically recognized and directly corrected. Web-to-Print has many uses: in addition to freebies, stationery and customer magazines, advertising material such as flyers and posters or personalized gift articles can also be realized with a web-to-print system. But web-to-print is not only used in companies: on websites, private customers can access web-to-print systems and customize products stored in the system by uploading their own images.

Open web-to-print systems have found a large following, especially in the field of personalized giftware or online printing companies, which thanks to the system can give away products that contain photos and personal words without any knowledge of the subject.

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