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Glossary – RSS-Feed

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The abbreviation RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, which is very easy to spread in German and is a file format in web feeds. With RSS, content on websites can be displayed in a particularly structured form. This is used, for example, by media companies who want to reach many people with their published news.

With RSS the essential information of a website is delivered very efficiently. This is done by a special structure in that content is played to the user in a very reduced form. Only through the active contact between user and RSS, the former reach the full contribution. RSS data is played via an RSS feed. For this content of a website must be available via RSS. The actual contents, which are shortened in RSS, are accessible on a normal website for the users. Now there is an interplay between RSS provider and the RSS software. The software checks whether the provider has stored new RSS content. If so, include it in the RSS feed. An RSS feed can either be available in the browser or integrated into a special RSS reader.

If users find the content of an RSS feed particularly interesting or entertaining, the feed can be subscribed to. All you have to do is insert the feed link into an RSS reader. The RSS reader, which is sometimes referred to as a feed reader, is a program that makes the reading of RSS feeds possible.

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