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Glossary – Media Asset Management

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Media Asset Management

Media Asset Management, also known as MAM, is a powerful technology that enables the storage and sharing of digital media files. The media data, also known as assets, can be any of a wide variety of file types: image files, videos, PDFs, as well as Office, Photoshop, or Indesign documents can be managed or managed through Media Asset Management in one centralized system Merge media databases. This allows employees of different teams to access and work with the same files.

In contrast to classical image databases, the combination of different files is possible regardless of their format. Media Asset Management falls into the area of content management systems. MAM systems provide users with a variety of functions, such as importing and exporting data, enriching files with metadata, performing various search functions, merging various files into data bundles or albums, and archiving files.

Depending on the concept, digital asset management systems in companies can also be used to exchange data with suppliers and service providers. Digital asset management is used in many industries and companies to structure media files in a clear way. In the music industry, transferring and storing audio files and music videos through MAM systems is common practice. In addition, media asset management can be found in press relations, documentation centers, printing, layouts, images and text, marketing portals, corporate archives, and even research and medicine.

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