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Glossary – Marketing portal

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Marketing portal

A marketing portal is a web-based marketing tool that facilitates centralized communication between the marketing department and the sales department or individual branches. All important information that is relevant for convincing local marketing measures is made available in a single marketing portal.

All parties that need access to certain files for marketing purposes can do so through a marketing portal without any problem. This applies to layouts as well as texts, images or video material or strategic content that is to be taken note of by all concerned. Cross-company, a campaign framework is specified, which can be customized by individual branches location-specific. At the same time, the corporate identity of a company is maintained at all levels and a harmonious brand image is guaranteed with uniform standards.

A marketing portal gives companies the freedom to respond quickly and effectively to specific events in different locations. Sales partners or branches can update address information or contact persons in advertising material on a daily basis, without the need for long communication channels. This saves time and employees can deal with other tasks. Consistent adherence to a strong corporate identity through a marketing portal increases the potential for customers to identify with the company. Uniform standards of corporate identity make it possible for companies to differentiate themselves from the mass of competitors and persuade end customers in the long term. For example, a marketing portal can benefit a wide variety of companies and rely on site-specific, attractive marketing measures.

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