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Glossary – Marketing-Automation

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If marketing processes in a company are to be automated with software, this is called marketing automation. Sales, distribution and marketing are seamlessly linked by digital tools, which simplifies processes and allows digital structures to benefit the company. Overall, most marketing automations rely on a combination of CRM, web analytics tools, various forms of direct marketing, and retargeting. Recurring tasks, which are a daily part of the marketing process, are taken over by the software and make everyday work in the company easier. In addition, streamlining the process saves time and money. Thus, a company benefits on several levels of marketing automation.

The focus of most marketing automation solutions is lead nurturing. Lead nurturing describes a holistic system that includes all task areas for optimizing lead quality from the generation of a lead. In order to clarify the mode of operation of a marketing automation, the procedure should be briefly outlined here: The lead nurturing starts from the receipt of a lead in the form of an email address or telephone number. This is stored in a digital user profile in the marketing automation system. This user profile is enriched with additional data for every following customer contact: How often does a user use a website, which ads or posts on social media trigger interactions?

Over time, this results in an extensive user profile that can be of benefit in future interactions and allows conclusions to be drawn as to which or how many users are being reached by marketing measures.

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