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Glossary – Hosting

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Companies or individuals who run a website often use hosting to optimize storage space. The term hosting or web hosting hides a service in which web pages / web applications can access external servers in order to use the storage space there. The term may be derived from English and translated with host or host. This choice of words illustrates the activity of hosting. The stored data can be retrieved permanently over the Internet. Especially with complex digital offers it is worthwhile to guarantee the smooth functioning of the website by using hosting. Mail servers, large databases, and networks that require a large amount of user data can benefit from the additional storage space of hosting. The same applies to e-commerce, where in the case of online shops often large quantities of product data, images and user profiles must be maintained. Companies that offer hosting for website operators are called providers, hosters or web hosts. They are responsible for renting web space, providing servers, and securing network connectivity.

In addition, the technical infrastructure for the page or software operation is provided in the hosting. The number of hosting providers has risen sharply over the past few years, allowing companies to choose from a large hosting offering. In order to stand out from the competition, web hosts offer more and more frequently also additional achievements, as for example the securing of a Domainnamen. In addition, many webhosts also provide expert assistance in the event of problems and ensure optimum web presence through fail-safe, clustered servers.

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