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Glossary – Data Protection

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Data Protection

The evolution of telecommunications and the advent of the Internet towards the end of the 20th century raised the question of how to effectively protect personal information from third party abuse. During this time, there was a flood of information in the digital worlds. The number of datasets grew exponentially, so today billions of data are transmitted and processed digitally every day.
A particular focus of data protection is on the protection of privacy rights, ie the right to determine what happens to information and the protection against data sales and processing. Personal data is used in a marketing context for effective targeting and targeting of advertising. But data scandals that have accumulated in recent years have increased the need for privacy and privacy for many users.

Data protection in Germany is even enshrined in fundamental rights and belongs to the "right to informational self-determination". Both at federal and state level, there are data protection officers who are responsible for monitoring data protection. Numerous laws and regulations have been passed in recent years to make it easier for users to recognize and control the use of their data. For example, since 2013, users must be alerted to the use of cookies, use of a tracking service, or plug-ins for data storage. To maintain users' trust over the long term, keeping a company's privacy policy should be a top priority. Webmasters and marketing teams risk not only costly warnings and complaints, but also a harsh loss of image if they override the privacy policy.

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