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Glossary – Brandmanagement

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The term brand management describes the type of brand management. Complex processes and methods that are supposed to influence the brand experience and customer loyalty fall under the brand management. It's about convincing certain brands and maintaining a strong position in the market over the long term. Depending on the target group and customer segment, brand or brand management is subject to differentiation characteristics.
These features can be classified into visible and invisible brand properties. Visible brand features refer to the product as such. How is the packaging designed, what is the pricing policy, what is the presentation at the selling point? Invisible brand features, on the other hand, are user-driven and relate to the customer experience, which is the experience that end-users have gained with the products they offer and therefore associate with the brand. A strong brand is hardly possible without a strong brand management. That is why it is important to integrate management processes and methods into as many levels of the company as possible. Only in this way can change processes that relate to the representation of the brand be successfully implemented.

On the one hand, brand management deals with the re-launch of brands, but also includes repositioning and aligning brands and ensuring long-lasting, good results. It's also about putting the USP of a brand in the spotlight at all times. Only if customers can differentiate the brand from other suppliers and combine positive associations with the brand, can a successful brand management be spoken.

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