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Glossary – B2C

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The abbreviation B2C refers to business relationships that take place between companies and consumers or customers. The term B2C is to be understood briefly as Business to Customer or Business to Client. B2C relationships are differentiated from other business relationships that take place between companies and other stakeholders, such as employees, administrative authorities or other companies.

Due to the digitization-induced change in the buying behavior of customers, which is particularly felt by retailers, B2C and all associated marketing and PR activities are increasingly becoming the focus of attention. Especially in self-marketing, it is always about opening up new B2C routes in order to reach end customers and convince them of their own products or services.

An example of a B2C business would be the sale of clothing that end customers can purchase directly from the manufacturer's online store. The products are not sold to middlemen or wholesalers, but the deal is concluded directly between the manufacturer and the end customer. The Internet offers numerous opportunities to successfully complete B2C. The just mentioned possibility of e-commerce is just one of many. Especially in the digital world B2C plays a big role, for example in the use of affiliate programs.
In these programs, users buy so-called affiliate links via so-called affiliate links. Particularly in the area of social media, where the trust of users in the recommendations of so-called influencers is particularly high, affiliate links offer a good opportunity to conduct successful B2C business. The product is purchased by the end user from the manufacturer, the page on which the affiliate link is offered, is virtually the intermediary between the end customer and the company.

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