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Glossary – 2-Level-Support

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User requests that could not be answered by upstream 1-level support will be passed to 2-level support. There, IT specialists, experts turn to user questions and look for solutions. Only complex questions, which are rare in most cases, are handled by the 2-level support teams.

While 1-level support has only basic knowledge, 2-level support has a specially trained service team.
The 2-level support also deals with maintenance in IT systems.

Some classify 1-level support as a help desk that sets up 2-level support as a service desk. Through training and a documentation system for found solutions that can be used by both the 1-level support and the 2-level support, both levels benefit from each other. The know-how of 1-level support grows with each newly developed solution approach, which the 2-level-support provides. In the event that there are any questions regarding the logic of the program or database changes, a 3-level support can also be set up. Here are the downright "abnormal" issues and problems, where even the trained support teams of the second level could not help the users. In this support level, questions are usually also handled by the manufacturer and supplier side or by external specialists.
Thanks to the filter function of 1- and 2-level support, only a very small percentage of the questions received reach this level of support. At the same time, with the respective level, the amount of work required for a satisfactory answer to the question increases.

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