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A brand presence from a single source, even with decentralized and cross-media marketing at the local level? These challenges that affect your company or your brand can be overcome with efficient brand management. All relevant information about your brand is bundled on a platform to allow easy access for sales partners, employees and service providers. A brand portal strengthens your marketing regardless of location and guarantees a consistent implementation of your corporate identity when creating materials for local marketing. The brand management enables the central control and collection of all relevant information of the brand via an online usable software and thus simplifies the local brand management. As an interactive system, it grows with your requirements and combines all information required for successful, corporate design-compliant marketing of your brand in one online system.

The services

  • Fewer inquiries to central marketing thanks to the centralized provision of all relevant information about your brand
  • Ensuring consistent and corporate design compliant marketing for the company or brand
  • Easy creation of pages using content management functions
  • Connection of employees and external partners (agencies, service providers, etc.) for better implementation of holistic brand management
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The benefits

The brand portal as style guide 2.0

The brand management system is the contemporary further development of a well-known style guide. The platform ensures uncomplicated communication between all parties involved and enables information about the brand, such as corporate design guidelines, images (assets) or other elements of the brand, to be called up online, digitally and at any time.

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By using the brand portal, we have managed to optimise our communication in terms of time and content. Our employees and service providers have come to appreciate the portal as a central point of contact for the creation and retrieval of brand documents.

Dr. Ulrich Ott, Head of Corporate Communications ING-DiBa

The workflows

All information gathered in one place

Decentralized brands are often faced with the challenge of distributing the content, campaigns and marketing measures to all partners. With brand management, all relevant content and assets relating to the appearance of the brands can be found online on a daily basis. On the company's side, the brand management software is enriched with design specifications, communication guidelines and best practice examples. Employees, service providers and sales have access to this content via the platform and can continue to work with the information relevant to them, use it for their own marketing and work on uniform branding. In this way, communication channels are streamlined, uniform standards are maintained and brand management is made easier.

Brand portal workflow

The complete solution for the optimal brand portal

Your brand is your capital. It is therefore important to position them as strongly as possible and to enable uniform branding. Management software for your own brand ensures that this is successful. Whether across Germany, at a local level or internationally: With the help of this software, you control the brand's service providers specifically via a central hub and ensure that every user has access to the relevant content and content digitally, online and up-to-date. With the brand management software, you support your partners * in local marketing, regardless of whether it is posts or advertisements on social media platforms, classic print products or modern video productions. Changes to the rights of use or the guidelines or the corporate language in the company can be adapted and disseminated directly using the central administration tool. This is how successful communication, promising marketing and the strong presence of your brand are guaranteed!

The software with a standardized log-in is accessible to the user at any time, regardless of location and enables smooth handling of all promotions for the appearance of your brand. Access rights that you define online enable you to control who can advertise the brand with which products. In this way, your company is optimally protected against data misuse. An ISO 27001 certified data center operation guarantees unbeatable data security. The brand management software can be individually adapted to the needs of your company or the brands and thus enables optimal results that are based on the requirements of your employees.

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The functions

Features of the brand portal for efficient brand management

Easy content maintenance in the brand portal

Simple content maintenance

Content pages can be quickly created and published digitally by inserting text modules, images and graphics in the online editor. The functions in the rights and roles concept can be used to set up access rights for user groups in the company.

  • Convenient creation of pages
  • Visibility of individual pages freely configurable

Style guide management

Any style guides can be stored and published to the steakholders using the brand management software. The style guides can be structured individually and adapted to the respective brand using content elements (text, images, fonts, icons, etc.).

  • Provision of any style guides
  • Publication to any steak holder / user group
Administration of style guides in the brand portal
Reusable Patterns in the brand portal

Reusable templates

For the web forms selected in the company, whether digital (website, social media, etc.) or physical, digital templates can be provided via the software, which enable permanent compliance with the corporate design guidelines and avoid individual inquiries.

  • Digital design patterns at a glance
  • Faster time-to-market

Comprehensive media database (Digital Assets Management or DAM for short)

The media database gives users access to a selection of assets (images, documents, audio & video, etc.). The assets can be downloaded in various sizes and formats via download functions without having to request them separately.

  •  Ensure brand conformity
  • Accelerate media research (assets can be downloaded directly)
Extensive media database with the brand portal
Users and roles administration brand portal

Freely designable rights and role concept

The rights and roles concept of the brand portal is rei configurable. The setting can be used to assign any rights and actions to user groups or users. You also control the access rights to the application.

  • Transparency about all user access rights
  • Insights about user actions

Open system architecture

The digital platform can be connected to other third-party systems (CRM, shops, etc.) via documented interfaces (API). Brand information can therefore also be transferred to other applications that are important for the brand.

Open system architectures api in the brand portal
Brand portal notifications via message system

Collaborative notifications

The messaging system includes functions to automatically provide users with notifications of changes to their subscribed pages. In addition, users can use reminder functions to inform them about new features, such as B. expired image rights are informed. This makes it easier to manage the brand, especially with a large number of partners.

  • Collaborative collaboration and common brand management
  • Community functions such as notifications and reminders

Multi-level security concept

Consistent security for your company is guaranteed thanks to the assignment of individual access rights and data transfer based on modern encryption technologies.

  • Cloudbased Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • ISO-27001-certified data center operation
ISO27001 certification brand portal
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