Local marketing with a marketingportal

Local marketing and regional marketing with a marketingportal

The distribution of standardized products in the insurance industry is no longer enough to be successful. Digitization is disrupting the industry, focusing on customer focus, personalization and a transmedia customer experience. Local marketing is the right approach here and web-to-print systems are already well established. But even if local brand management will continue to be a hot topic, the insurance industry needs to think ahead and pave the way to holistic digital marketing and publishing portals.

The increasingly digitized business world makes the networking of sales processes and channels indispensable. On the one hand for reasons of productivity, on the other hand, in order to comply with the changed customer behavior. Customers are at home in all media today and would like to interact with their advisor on the channel they prefer. Offers and contents must therefore be able to be placed and retrieved cross-medially at any time. This requires complete integration between the systems and processes. Holisticness becomes the central requirement.

Go beyond the limits of traditional web-to-print systems

The Local Brand X Marketingportal is such a holistic system technology that enables cross-media marketing strategies to be implemented and networked and optimized for sales processes. Among other things, it combines web-to-print with a user-friendly media database and enables the personalization and customization of a wide range of advertising materials, from the simple business card, through the creation and booking of large-format posters, to disproportional templates such as advertisements or posters.

Web-to-print as a module of the Local Brand X Marketingportal

Of course, using the Local Brand X Marketingportal , web-to-print remains the cornerstone of successful brand management and local marketing. The Marketingportal can be used from the order shop to the mailing center, including order processing. It makes it possible to easily standardize standardized media templates and advertising materials online, to automatically create print PDFs and to order them as printed matter via the head office - CI-compliant, inexpensive and without layout software knowledge.

Yannik Bockius

Chief Executive Officer

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Local Brand X is one of the leading providers of brand and marketingportals. In the development We rely on standardized system and advertising media modules that flexibly meet customer requirements. In this way we support decentralized organized companies to optimize their marketing processes.


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