Local marketing from a single source - a marketingportal makes it possible

Marketing in one go with our marketingportal

Companies that operate in multiple locations and need to respond flexibly to local needs often face the problem of having to face distributed challenges with a centralized marketing department.

How do you create a harmonious brand identity that meets the requirements of various branches or distribution partners and inspires end customers? In the past, small-scale and often error-prone work processes were needed for this, but today they can be optimized through a marketingportal and promise consistent and convincing results.

Uniform look thanks to marketingportal

A marketingportal provides all the relevant information needed for successful local marketing - even in a bundled form. In-house, but independent of locations, the portal can access image files, layout designs, phrases, and any other content necessary to conduct a marketing campaign. The centralized, simplified processing makes it possible to implement local marketing across locations and individually - with the best possible result.

Corporate Identity is Key

What is the use of the best marketing strategy if different standards of optics and customer contact are set in the communication with individual locations? Only those who can offer a coherent look and uniform standards, bind customers in the long term and create a high identification potential with the brand. Beyond the content, optics are the main focus here. Uniform layout and familiar color worlds or motifs bind customers. A strong corporate identity also makes it possible to differentiate from competitors and strengthens the brand.

Uniform standards with flexible customization options

With a marketingportal or marketing management system (MMS for short), the dream of a uniform look, which runs down to the last sales partner, is a reality. By setting standards in the marketing management system, it is possible to customize certain content of, for example, advertising materials - but the corporate identity is not in danger. Because only the information that has been released can be edited. As a result, the system remains flexible enough to be adapted to specific locations in individual branches and distribution partners. A successful approach to effective localization in widely dispersed companies.

Marketing Management System - the best of everything

The marketing management system works cloud-based. Regardless of location, the system can be accessed, and anytime, to order marketing materials or campaigns - from print brochures to the Facebook post. However, a marketingportal goes far beyond these requirements. Through open interfaces, the integration of service providers and social media as well as the production of advertising material, marketingportals are moving away from pure web-to-print offerings and taking the learnings from existing systems to the next level. p>

Advantages of a suitable marketingportal

That a marketing management software strengthens brands and streamlines processes is easy to recognize. But what advantages does a marketing management system offer beyond that?

The consistent enforcement of the corporate design is probably one of the strongest arguments for working with a marketing management software. But beyond that, there are many advantages. Centralizing control processes can bypass communication problems and simplify workflows. With changes that are to be adopted in-house for all products and printed products, fewer mistakes happen: Updates are simply made in the marketingportal. These, like all activities of sales partners, are reflected in automated reports, so that errors can be found quickly and avoided in the future. In addition, the efficiency increase and cost reduction in centralization should not be forgotten: When paths are eliminated, the workflow is streamlined and communication is simplified, the entire company profits from it.

Sales partners also benefit!

The local sales partners also gain through a marketingportal in the company. As with traditional web-to-print systems, every person is able to take professional advertising measures and adapt advertising material without the usual prior knowledge. In addition, planning processes are simplified when all communication is through one system. So every person knows where to find information bundled. Corporate design templates can be customized based on local needs. In addition, booking and ordering processes run on the same system. This bundles all information in one place and enables a smooth workflow.

When is the investment in a marketingportal worthwhile?

If you want to provide your stakeholders with site-specific, compelling marketing solutions and campaigns, consider investing in a marketingportal. Thus, there is a suitable variation of the marketing management system for every sales form and every industry. Whether for franchise systems, with the ability to locally reproduce overlapping campaigns, for branches that want to unify a consistent, local look with a strong corporate identity, or for organizations that require recognition and retention, their workforce is not in design or execution but would rather stick to the realization of their goals - they all benefit from a marketingportal tailored to the company or organization.

In which sectors can you find marketingportals?

As varied as the distribution types can also be the industries in which one resorts to a marketingportal. The spectrum ranges from parties, NGOs and non-profit organizations to banks, the automotive industry and the tourism sector to local companies such as driving schools, supermarkets or the catering trade. Also, companies that specialize in the manufacture of branded products generally appreciate the benefits of a marketingportal. The same applies to clubs, authorities and associations. Ultimately, you can find advantages in almost any industry when working with a marketingportal.

Helping people help themselves

Anyone who decides to work with a marketingportal will be rewarded with what is generally referred to as an all-round carefree package. The marketing management software enables smooth work processes and the possibility of individual adaptation of campaigns at the local level, while maintaining uniform standards. Everything takes place in one place. The customization options also allow you to get exactly the features your company needs. In the end, it's not just the company that gains in efficiency, but also the individual team members who are trained in using the marketingportal in new skills. A win-win situation for all involved entities

Simon Hofbauer

Head of Customer Management

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