Web-to-publish with the marketing portal


Defiy the cross-media challange with Web-to-Publish

The days when it was enough just to do offline marketing and to distribute printed information materials at events are now a thing of the past. The media world today is strongly cross-medially expanded. Customers no longer only inform themselves specifically, but are overwhelmed with information on new products and companies in all situations. On the way to work alone, potential prospects can be reached in many different ways. Be it on the billboard next to the bus stop, the infoscreen on the subway or through social media and websites on the smartphone.

Navigation in the cross-media media landscape

Coordinating all these platforms and marketing options and providing a consistent picture can be a major challenge, especially in decentralized marketing. Web-to-publish systems directly link the production of marketing material to their distribution. In this way, the advertising material can be created and adapted on one platform and often distributed directly in the next step. Through the involvement of different partners, print products can be created and printed in the same way (classic web-to-print) as digital advertisements and social media contributions. By bringing all offline and online advertising into one system, Web-to-publish provides a solid foundation for communicating consistently across all channels.

Individual shine

Most web-to-publish systems are designed to personalize the documents and advertising materials and adapt them to your own everyday life. This makes it perfect for implementing decentralized marketing strategies that target their products and address customers in many local areas without losing sight of the company's corporate identity. The systems offer the possibility of centrally controlling which contents of the material can be personalized and individualized. Another important point is the verification of the data. By joining in a system, it can also be made possible that the contents are checked again before they can finally be published.

Short ways - fast successes

However, not all web-to-publish systems integrate publishing and posting directly. Currently only about one third of the providers offer the possibility to book the online measures through the system and have them published by the service partner. However, it is this integration that makes the concept so promising and time-saving. Significantly shorter hiring times and direct publication can save time and money by using Web-to-Publish properly.

Carefree package: Marketing Portal

In order to optimally use these advantages of personalization and local adaptation as well as the fast work paths, marketing portals are the ideal solution. They have all the described features of the Web-to-publish system and additionally include company-owned systems (eg DAM, ERP or CRM system). Thus, own databases, such as picture galleries or address lists can be used and processed directly. In addition, the portals offer the opportunity to inform about the design guidelines and to communicate directly with the local partners. This handling also makes it possible in cross-media everyday life to present itself in the best possible way on a local level.