Simple workflows with the Marketing Service Portal


Think global, act local -
Convince with a marketing service portal at the local level

More and more companies are facing the challenge of combining many locations or sales and marketing partners under one brand. According to the saying "many chefs spoil the porridge", the marketing departments are also faced with the challenge that partners want to be involved in the creation of marketing materials and products.

Long processes in decentralized marketing

This leads to a large number of votes and a great deal of work in order to satisfy every stakeholder and to design, produce and publish the required materials. Each order must be received by the central marketing department, the materials must be adapted and, if necessary, media data must be requested. This is followed by a vote on the corporate design (CD) and a feedback loop from the partner. Only then can the contract be awarded and go into production. Thereafter, it must additionally be guaranteed that it will be published and placed in the appropriate places.
Of course, this process is not only time-consuming and costly, but also prone to failure due to the lack of integration of proprietary systems such as media databases and CRM systems. In addition, the manual processing of these requests does not allow subsequent evaluations and evaluations to be carried out without using further resources.

Improved workflow through a marketing service portal

To avoid all these problems and to guarantee a simpler workflow for all involved, marketing service portals offer a holistic solution. The opportunities on the portal range from classic web-to-print products such as business cards and brochures, to digital marketing materials in the image, audio and video sectors, to social media measures. The special feature here is the direct connection of service partners, where, for example, directly after the creation and production of an advertisement or a billboard in the city center can be booked. The integration of the company's own social media accounts also provides the opportunity to distribute content directly from the marketing service portal.

Local action in the sense of corporate design

Particularly in terms of corporate identity and the correct use of images, logos and colors, decentralized companies are facing a great challenge. In a marketing service portal, guidelines can be published and templates (templates) can be created that allow the local partner only design-conforming changes. By integrating the internal media databases and CMR systems, each user can personalize and customize their marketing materials, without running the risk of violating the guidelines. In addition, the partner can make the media connection directly himself and redeem subsidies and discounts directly in the payment.

Think global, act local

Especially in a global and networked world, it is important to be able to work as a company fast, professional and uncomplicated. The integration of such a portal makes it possible to communicate across locations and to promote the cross-media distribution of content. The central marketing department thus has more time and capacity for the conception of new campaigns that can be brought to the partners through planning and communication tools directly in the portal. They control the processing centrally and select specifications and materials so that they can be adapted locally and independently of location and used in a target group-optimized manner. Thus, the global marketing strategy of the company is implemented locally as well as possible and creates a consistent image of the brand.